[FHCx219] National Mead Day/National Mustard Day/National Root Beer Float Day

Triple pack!


The world has a great indecision on when to celebrate root beer floats. We’ve already talked about Black Cows, which is just a fancy name for a root beer float. But the folks at A&W want to call more attention to themselves, and “Black Cow” isn’t listed on their menu. “Root Beer Float” is. So thanks to them, we celebrate more ice cream and root beer! This time, we ate it courtesy of St. Louis’s Fitz’s root beer, which SP misses very much from his college years.

2016-08-06 18.40.372016-08-06 18.41.402016-08-06 18.43.19

Since root beer offends the French so much (it tastes like medicine to the rest of the world), we wanted to make peace with our mustard day celebration: with reeeeeal mustard. Moutarde.

2016-08-06 17.35.54

It’ll feel like World War I in your nose!

Put this stuff on whatever floats your boat. If you’re a mustard person, we sincerely hope you don’t mean just the plain yellow stuff, though it does have its own place.

Lastly, we sail up to the north of Europe to celebrate Mead day like real vikings. SP always has some of this stocked, because it was one of the best. There’s something about a chilled honey wine that is simultaneously drinkable but also manly.

2016-08-06 16.49.56.jpg

(I think this one was a present from SPam)

Tomorrow is National Raspberries in Cream Day!



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