[FHCx222] National Rice Pudding Day

Rice… pudding?


Rice pudding is made differently all over the world. Sweet, savory, porridgey, thick, thin, etc. It goes on and on. Made with coconut milk? Could be. Have some saffron in it? Whatevs.

Over the weekend we went out to dinner forĀ SPad’s birthday at Gorkha Palace. It’s a really lovely Indian/Nepali/Tibetan restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis. And while their specialties lie in their momo, they also have rice pudding! We made sure to get some to-go so we could have some today.

2016-08-09 14.51.55.jpg

Eat warm or cold! Do what you wanna do. Rice pudding is as varied as people.

Tomorrow is National S’Mores Day! (Oh boy oh boy)



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