[FHCx229] National Rum Day/National Bratwurst Day


AK isn’t so much a fan of sausages, but SP could probably get his heart in trouble after downing a number of these cholesterol-laden German wursts. So because of both of those reasons, we don’t keep them in the house. (We don’t even own a grill yet after owning the house for a year. It’s a shame, really.)

But we did get these quintessential Midwestern brats thanks to Sheboygan, WI-based Johnsonville.

The “brat” in bratwurst refers to the fine chopped meat inside the casing

Pretty tasty. The smoked flavor goes a long way. We would have loved to get our hands on some Butcher & The Boar sausages today but it wasn’t in the cards.

Today also celebrates a pirate favorite. Used to be that rum was favored on ships because you couldn’t guarantee the water was safe to drink! What a time to be alive, scurvy and all that. Tonight for dinner we went to Forepaugh’s to celebrate a SPAKiversary, and the bartender made us this delicious Caribbean rum martini thing.

And now to really celebrate bratwurst day, we are going to subject ourselves to seeing the movie, Sausage Party. Oy.

Tomorrow is National Vanilla Custard Day!



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