[FHCx234] National Spumoni Day



Ice cream wasn’t good enough for the Italians. Not only did they have to add fruit and nuts to ice cream (which is fair — we’ll do similarly on Banana Split Day this Thursday) but they have to have the official spumoni flavors: cherry, pistachio, and chocolate. Not exaaaactly an Italian flag but pretty much.

To celebrate spumoni, we went to a super old school Italian joint near downtown St. Paul, DeGidio’s. It’s right over by Mancini’s where we got our filet mignon. Classic Italian food, still feels like a mafia club, and the patrons all look like Vincent Gardenia.


You want some spumoni?

After our beautiful meal of…

2016-08-21 18.37.24

Baked goat cheese in red sauce

2016-08-21 18.40.04


2016-08-21 18.50.30


2016-08-21 18.51.15

and Spicy Penne Arrabiata

(The above shared with the lovely SParents of course)

We got around to our delicious dessert.

2016-08-21 19.21.19

AK was in Italian heaven. A great way to spend a Sunday night!

Tomorrow is National Pecan Torte Day and National Eat A Peach Day.


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