[FHCx235] National Pecan Torte Day/National Eat a Peach Day

August didn’t feel like pecans before…


We recently had some chocolate pecan pie, which was great. And pecans (next to almonds) have been a favorite of those who put together the national food holidays: pecan day in April, pecan sandy day in June, pecan pie day in July… We’ll see them again when SP‘s birthday holds pecan cookie day.

But today is about the pecan torte. And just as we didn’t really know what constituted a torte when we had coconut torte day, we had to go with what people told us was a torte. And thankfully, that torte came from Surly Brew Co! Among their many other tasty foods, they have an excellent dessert menu.

2016-08-22 22.18.35.jpg

Chocolate cake made with Surly’s Damien beer, hazelnut chocolate, and salted caramel pastry cream, topped with pecans.

It’s a nice little dessert to share! Very chocolatey and salty and the little chocolate balls are fun.

It was also Eat a Peach Day! We aren’t exactly peach country up here in Minnesota. We got these beautiful Colorado peaches at HyVee.

2016-08-22 22.23.22.jpg

AK thinks that peaches are weird because they’re fuzzy. If that logic worked on other things, she probably shouldn’t like SP much either.

Tomorrow is National Sponge Cake Day!


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