[FHCx236] National Sponge Cake Day

Because “cake” wasn’t enough…


Sponge cake doesn’t exactly seem all that exciting. Buuuuut, it’s got some good history. Most cakes were yeasted throughout humankind’s baking. The first historical record of a non-yeast cake was in 1615 by a guy who wrote a book about how to be a good housewife (i.e., a book about recipes and remedies). Yeah. This guy. This book.

And to this day, sponge cake is confused with angel food cake or pound cake. Sponge cakes contain whole eggs, and the leavening only comes from the egg whites. Chiffon cakes don’t have the egg whites beaten separately and employ a bunch of oil. Angel food cakes have only the egg whites and a higher proportion of egg white to flour.

2016-08-23 19.10.21

Thanks, Mrs. Freshley!

2016-08-23 19.17.01

But you’ve gotta dress it up. SP‘s sponge cake with reddi wip, raspberries and bananas, topped with a bit of hot fudge.

2016-08-23 19.15.57

AK‘s sponge cake with… well… stuff on it. I guess.

Tomorrow is National Waffle Day and National Peach Pie Day!



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