[FHCx242] National Chop Suey Day/National More Herbs Less Salt Day/National Lemon Juice Day


Salt is the de facto “spice” for pretty much anywhere you go. In restaurants, especially, use of salt is through the roof. People are getting hypertension left and right from how much sodium intake they are completely unaware of, just because that’s the current way of the world. Sometimes you have to take the more cognizant way and make a conscious decision not to use salt where you normally might. Like eggies!

AK put together our eggy breakfast using non-salt stuff.

2016-08-28 21.08.282016-08-29 06.23.00

2016-08-29 06.25.10

Scramble! Looks like a ruffled blankie.

One other way to use less salt is to season things with lemon juice. You’d be surprised at how little you need of lemon juice to really enhance the flavor of anything you’re making, from stir fry to Mexican-style rice. That’s why we always keep some in the fridge!

2016-08-29 20.45.08.jpg

The other part of our day celebrates an outdated, mostly racist knock-off “Chinese” dish popularized in early 20th century USA: Chop Suey. Before we could understand actual Chinese food (non-Americanized), there was just a slew of immigrants who made a killing off of these mildly exotic dishes that were only inches away from being something we’d make anyway. Call them international foods and you’re a real winner. Problem is, we’ll look back at that time like we look back on mullets now. Either that, or we’ll claim that it was an actual thing called “ suì” and pretend it was okay.

Still, restaurants around the country will still humor you and make you some chop suey. Thankfully, a pretty great Chinese restaurant in the area, aptly named China Restaurant (they have Mapo Tofu, guys), still panders to some people by serving it.

2016-08-29 14.22.40

2016-08-29 14.22.57

Veggies galore! Carrots, onions, sprouts, string beans, water chestnuts…

Well we’re glad we made it through all of that.

Tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!


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