[FHCx246] National Blueberry Popsicle

We think this is the last of the popsicle days…


And we’re doing something better than usual!

Blueberry isn’t a normal flavor that you find in popsicles. Grape, orange, cherry, strawberry, etc. etc. but nobody makes an easily-accessible blueberry. Well we struck gold on our outing to the Minnesota State Fair (the best state fair). When taking a break from the┬áCheesy French Onion Monkey Bread from Blue Moon, the food that Andrew Zimmern said was the best new food this year the day after we declared the same, we found ourselves at a cold treat thanks to Minnesota Farmers’ Union and Grand Ole Creamery.

2016-09-02 11.53.50

2016-09-02 11.55.37

Refreshing ice cream pop, and even had some cake inside!

We really had a lot of fun. Thanks, State Fair!

Tomorrow is International Bacon Day and National Welsh Rarebit Day.


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