[FHCx250] National Coffee Ice Cream Day

TWO FIFTY, can you believe it?


Why spoil one of the greatest things in life with one of the grossest things? (SP really hates coffee.) We’ve even had garlic ice cream and liked it. Last time that coffee and ice cream got together, we avoided it the best we could, and we’ve done the same this time.


Enter Halo Top with the Chocolate Mocha Chip flavor!


Pile of poo or ice cream?

Glad we escaped narrowly the fate of coffee ice cream. Still, it’s not theĀ greatest Halo Top flavor. So far, we would order it Chocolate > Vanilla Bean > Strawberry > Chocolate Mocha Chip. We have yet to try their Birthday Cake, Lemon Cake, or Mint Chip. But still!

Tomorrow is a huge one: Beer Lovers’ Day, Acorn Squash Day, Salami Day, and Napoleon Day.

Here’s the issue, though… THURSDAY DOESN’T HAVE A FOOD HOLIDAY!!! Some people claim that it’s date-nut bread day, but that doesn’t happen until December 22nd. WE ARE FREAKING OUT!



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