[FHCx252] National Honeycrisp Apple Day

That’s right. We’re starting it.


Created in Minnesota, this apple was the product of amazing science. Get a bunch of scientists in the room to create¬†the perfect apple. Yeah, Haralsons are great. And the new-ish Sweetango is tasty. But Honeycrisp takes the cake. And as they are just coming into season, we want to highlight this contribution of Minnesota’s that is unparalleled.

Insert all best adjectives that can be used to describe an apple. Great for eating raw. Great for cooking. Large. Perfect.

2016-09-08 16.16.56.jpg

The SPAK fruit bowl always looks like this.

There are fewer fruits that we get excited about. The Sumo is one of them, and that has one of the shortest seasons of anything. Sad.

Tomorrow is National Wienerschnitzel Day!


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