[FHCx253] National Wienerschnitzel Day

Bless you!


Can’t go wrong with deep fried meat, right? It’s the national dish of Austria, and it’s one of “My Favorite Things.” Butterfly-cut veal slices, super thin, pounded, and then breaded and fried. Good stuff.

Well, we don’t have a Wienerschnitzel (the chain) restaurant around here, so we had to get the real thing. And we had a few choices… Black Forest Inn, where we did Black Forest Cake a while back, but we didn’t want to do a repeat if we had another option. There’s also Gasthof Zur Gemütlichkeit, which was featured on Man vs. Food, but SP refuses to go there since they hosted a Nazi event in 2014. So we went with another local place, Bierstube.

2016-09-09 17.43.37.jpg

Wienerschnitzel with some of their Jaeger sauce, German potato salad, toast and asparagus

It was really good and we’d definitely go back. Thanks, Bierstube!

Tomorrow is National TV Dinner Day!



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