[FHCx278] National Taco Day/National Vodka Day



I think earlier in the year we picked this up for one of the alcoholidays. We’ve had it sitting around. It’s easy enough. Dan Aykroyd would be happy that we drank it and thought of UFOs or something.

2016-10-04 19.41.16.jpg

The real star of today is the taco. Oh, glorious taco. What deliciousness have you brought us? Whether you are a fan of the gringo-style ground beef with super-yellow cheese, the au natural tortilla filled with meat, or the gourmet style with all sorts of experimental fun, you should probably know that tacos are like little miracles for your mouth.

We opted for special tacos at one of our favorite local places, Tacocat. It’s located in the Midtown Global Market, like a lot of great Minneapolitan foods.



Their chips and salsa are to die for.


AK ordered two of The Larry: Chicken, chorizo, and cheese. Plus onions, cilantro, crema, and salsa.


SP also got a Larry (middle) but also a special (left) with corned beef, cabbage, and mustard, and the Ruckus (right) with angus beef, pickled radish, onions, mint chimichurri, and salsa.

We could probably each eat a few dozen more, but you really have to limit yourself if you want to be able to wake up in the morning. If Marco Gutierrez says that voting against Trump means a taco truck on every corner, we’re in.

Tomorrow is National Apple Betty Day!



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