[FHCx287] National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Another national holiday celebrating another nation’s food…


Picture pudding. You probably just thought of some chocolatey or vanillay goo that can be gobbled up with a spoon pretty easily.

Not that kind of pudding today.

In the UK, pudding is really just a word for what happens when you mix eggs, flour, and milk, and make a popover-y pastry kind of thing. And usually that means with MEAT. None of this namby pamby sweet stuff. Meat.

Luckily for us we have a pub in town (a few actually) that serves food of the British Isles. It’s called Merlin’s Rest, and it’s very fun.



If you’re gonna go British, grab a cider.


Yeeeeeah, pudding!

Meaty and potatoy. The way life should be.

Tomorrow is National Dessert Day and World Egg Day!


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