[FHCx291] National Pasta Day



How is today different from Noodle Day 11 days ago? And why are we also celebrating World Pasta Day on the 25th? Who knows.

“Pasta” evokes the thoughts of specifically Italian style noodles. You know, the noodles that Italy has been chugging out since the 12th century (or earlier, depending on who you ask). Spaghetti, Bucatini, Manicotti, Mostaciolli, Macaroni, we could eat pasta for days and days.

Some argue that pasta is just a vehicle for the more important part: sauce. But it’s a great vehicle. A spoon is also a vehicle, but there is something special about slurping up some pasta with sauce.

2016-10-17 21.05.18.jpg

We’ll revisit pasta in 8 days… so… more to come!

Tomorrow is Chocolate Cupcake Day.


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