[FHCx298] National Bologna Day/National Good and Plenty Day

Plenty of bologna.


Licorice candies don’t frequently go over well with people. Many actively discard the black Jelly Belly beans when they spot them in a pack. While there is no specific gene that we’ve found that indicates a like or dislike for black licorice, like there is for cilantro, it seems to be something we’re born with. SP is cool with it, AK is less a fan. There would be good reason not to like black licorice, as high amounts of glycyrrhizin can lead to heart arrhythmia. So don’t eat a whole box every day.

What we really should be talking about regarding Good & Plenty isn’t the flavor, it’s the color. The candy is dyed with Red 40 and K-Carmine. K-Carmine is actually a dye that is produced from crushed scale insects. In the US, there’s been a push from the FDA that requires companies to list the actual ingredient on the label instead of just “coloring,” but the food industries fought back against having to write “insect-based” on labels. The FDA backed down on that one. So now you just have to know what food ingredients specifically comes from insects… ya know, if that bothers you.



These look like suppositories. Not that we’d know. They don’t taste like suppositories, though. Not that we’d know that, either.

Bug-eating aside, we had to get around to another food that many consider gross. That’s right.

Bologna sausage is a real thing that isn’t typically gross. It’s just an Italian sausage, like a salami or mortadella. But because it’s finely ground, without visible pieces of lard, that smooth shape makes it look mass-produced and kind of… artificial. It’s still tasty, though! But why “baloney?”

There are a few theories. The top two seem to be:

  1. Bologna in Italian is pronounced with that “nya” ending, and that got confused when people’s ears didn’t work in the rest of Europe.
  2. The sausage got mixed up with some other thing from Poland, or as the Brits called it, “Polony.”

Either way, here we are. Oscar Mayer sandwich. Try not to get the song stuck in your head.


Anyway, it’s great to be home! Tomorrow is National Greasy Foods Day and WORLD Pasta Day.


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