[FHCx300] National Pumpkin Day/National Mince Meat Day

Can you believe it? 300?!


Mince meat isn’t really meat. Well, it was at one point. Some recipes for it contain beef suet, a.k.a. beef lard.┬áBut it used to be a pie filling of mutton or beef with the suet to help bind it into a filling. Add some dried fruits like prunes and raisins, and you’ve got a mince meat. This is coming from the same group that calls non-pudding things “puddings.”

2016-10-26 15.34.25.jpg

You read that right: 190 calories for 1/3 cup.

You can use it to top ice cream or make a pie out of. We were going to make the recipe on the side of the jar, but ran out of time, so we had it with our pumpkin bars.

2016-10-25 19.53.26.jpg

The only ingredients you need for these pumpkin bars.


Mix them well together.


Pour into a pan (here is 9×9) and bake at 350 for 35 minutes

2016-10-25 20.38.40.jpg

Squishy, tasty, and lots of great pumpkin flavor from actual pumpkin.

We were surprised pumpkin day was not October 31, but we’re happy to celebrate regardless. Unfortunately, our plans to carve our Halloween punkins aren’t until Saturday… but we’ll post pictures on 10/31.

Tomorrow is National American Beer Day.


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