[FHCx304] National Candy Corn Day/National Buy a Doughnut Day


Let’s face it: candy corn is just solidified frosting. We’d know, considering we just used a bunch of that stuff to ice a haunted chocolate house. And for those who don’t like frosting, a rare breed like SPad, candy corn isn’t all that appealing. Ask most adults and they’ll tell you that candy corn is not high on their list of priorities. Originally, it was called chicken feed, so you can tell what people of the 1880s thought of it, too.

Still, many fondant candies cannot compare to the prolific candy corn. It’s not corn but it’s still good!

The classic candy corn!

Just a few of these is enough to give you a sugar rush.

We also had to buy a doughnut day. Heaven forbid we look at the bakery section at our store. I mean, look at it!

Aw jeez, what’re we gonna do…

We opted for the fried cinnamon donut, just to be a bit different. It’s mapley!

Now coming up on Saturday is the second National Doughnut Day of the year. We thought we could hold off on this one until then but then decided against it. We’ll do something more special on Saturday than generic grocery donut!

Tomorrow is National Caramel Apple Day.



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