[FHCx329] National Turkey Day/National Sardines Day


Thanks to the calendar, we’re stuck celebrating a strange holiday for Thanksgiving: sardines. SPAK have probably never actually had sardines before. We know they certainly have a reputation for being packed tightly together, and that they taste really fishy and oily. Leave it to SP to pick up a kind that is even more oily than usual.


We may hear from fans that we shouldn’t have just dug a fork into these, but used them in something else. Well we wanted the full experience. It… wasn’t magical. Not that we were revolted, but man, their reputation definitely precedes them.

But then we got to palette cleanse with a beautiful dinner at SParents for Thanksgiving. It was a truly lovely time, and SPad’s turkey was unbelievably tasty.


We have a lot of leftovers, which is great because tomorrow is National Leftovers Day, National Maize Day, and National Parfait Day.


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