[FHCx344] National Pastry Day

Specific pastry days were getting too tough to come up with, so to hell with it!



Anything with flour and water that’s sweet, we suppose? Ehhhh, a spanakopita could count as pastry, too. So anything with flour and water? Is bread a pastry? Hnngggg, the decisions!

Once again, the major problem that we face is that we don’t live in France, where every street has a patisserie worth checking out. Pastries and butter as far as the eye can see. We wanted to get close to the Parisian Paradise, so we bought one of SP‘s favorite pastries.

2016-12-08 18.15.48.jpg

Best by 9/1/17 as if they’ll last that long.

These are the kinds of pastries you’d have to hide or SP will go full beast-mode and devour them. Whatever your pastry choice is today, indulge!

Tomorrow is National Lager Day.



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