About SPAK

SpacePanda and AstroKitty are a couple of dorks slumming it in the Twin Cities.

Their favorite thing to do together is hang out with Food. Food likes them, too. It likes them a lot. But SP and AK’s individual relationships with Food were getting a little too intense. They couldn’t let Food go completely, though, so their time together is monitored by a mutual friend called 2-Dub (Weight Watchers).

SP started weight-watching in October 2010 and is down 100+ pounds. AK hopped aboard June 2015 and is 20 pounds down and counting.

SPAK’s favorite thing to do while eating is to plan future meals. When not snacking, SPAK can usually be found consuming media. Or planning future meals.

The grandest foodplan SPAK has conceived of thus far is the Great Food Holiday Challenge of 2016, wherein they shall be celebrating every national food holiday. That’s right. All of them. So, stay tuned!

They [do not yet] have a [future-]cat named Dougwiss Stiampo, and their anniversary is August 16th.

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