[FHCx336] National Pie Day/National Eat a Red Apple Day

We don’t want to believe it but


Pie Day, PI DAY, was on March 14th. It’s not okay to claim this false idol. But we’ve come around to it, being that we don’t mind being asked to eat pie multiple times within a week (see Bavarian Cream and Lemon Cream in the last 4 days), let alone within a year. To give ourselves a bit of variety from the pies we’ve had recently, we got these little miniature pies from Target.



Cute, right? Shoulda used a quarter for scale…

Also, seriously, who bakes a pumpkin pie with a top crust? Old Fashioned does, we suppose…

Anyway, Eat a Red Apple Day was easy. There’s one of these in SP‘s lunch every day of the year! Thank goodness for apples that can survive winter.

2016-12-01 12.02.10.jpg

Tomorrow is National Fritters Day!


[FHCx303] National Oatmeal Day

Make a meal of it!


There are a lot of health benefits to eating oatmeal. But it must be the case that a lot of those benefits go away when you turn to instant oatmeal. Not that it’s bad, but just… you know…

We were lucky that SPom had just made these unbelievably delicious apple oatmeal bars. Though we weren’t there for the baking, we did get this image as the recipe…


That’s right. Cups upon cups of sugar and 2 sticks of butter.

2016-10-29 14.40.41.jpg

They smell and taste amazing.

Tomorrow is National Candy Corn Day and National Buy a Doughnut Day!



[FHCx257] National Snack a Pickle Day/National Peanut Day/International Chocolate Day


It’s hard to talk about all 3 of these things at once, but we’ll try.

We’ve enjoyed having peanuts in chocolate before. It’s a great combination that has worked for candies since ages past. They’re a power couple. So when it came time for Peanut Day and Chocolate Day at the same time, at once we thought of having the two together. Like-a-dis:


And now some of our Halloween candy shopping is already ready!


Hey it’s AK and SP on the back!

We are a family of M&M lovers. Mostly the peanut, peanut butter, and crispy varieties. And even moreso than a Snickers, this candy embodies chocolate and peanut together in one. They’re delicious.

What is also delicious, and hasn’t been mentioned nearly enough on spakwillsnack, is pickles. As Jews and people of Eastern European heritage, there is something about pickles that calls to us. And in the SPamily, pickles are a yearly tradition that’s older than SPom. Every year, in August, we get together with the SPom side of the family and jar pickles. It’s a proud tradition and we love our own brand quite a bit. So pretty much everyone always has a jar from some year or another in their fridge in case it’s time to snack a pickle.


These are some ’12s


A jar of extra-hots that we made in 2015.


It’s not total heresy to have a Claussen now and then, though.


Ok, so you got here and you’re looking at us like we’re crazy. AK‘s aunt Beverly, Auntie B, would take a pickle half, scoop out the interior, and fill it with M&Ms. This is in honor of her. AK didn’t immediately throw up, so we guess that it’s alright?

Tomorrow is National Eat A Hoagie Day and National Cream-Filled Donut Day.


[FHCx254] National TV Dinner Day


Sure, frozen foods have been around for a while. But in 1950s USA, the TV Dinner was essential in every home. It was fast and cheap, kept the kids happy… And you could multitask! When people yell at Millenials about how they use their phones during dinner, you can certainly guess where they learned that kind of behavior. Not that we’re knocking TV Dinners. These things are classic. SP and AK both grew up with Kid Cuisines and, like every other person ever, enjoyed the Kid Cuisine brownies best.

Over the years, frozen entrees have only gotten better. Hungry Man and Banquet are still around, which is just great. But now we also have foods from the likes of Saffron Road, Lean Cuisine, and WW Smart Ones. The science of the TV Dinner has also improved. For example, our dinners tonight have a science-y crisping tray that makes french fries that aren’t completely soggy microwaved messes!


We recommend these.


With some homemade BBQ sauce of course.


If you’re going to have a TV Dinner, at least honor the time by watching something from the early ’60s.

Tomorrow is National Hot Cross Buns Day! For some reason they put it in September, about as far away as you can get from when they’re normally eaten.


[FHCx252] National Honeycrisp Apple Day

That’s right. We’re starting it.


Created in Minnesota, this apple was the product of amazing science. Get a bunch of scientists in the room to create the perfect apple. Yeah, Haralsons are great. And the new-ish Sweetango is tasty. But Honeycrisp takes the cake. And as they are just coming into season, we want to highlight this contribution of Minnesota’s that is unparalleled.

Insert all best adjectives that can be used to describe an apple. Great for eating raw. Great for cooking. Large. Perfect.

2016-09-08 16.16.56.jpg

The SPAK fruit bowl always looks like this.

There are fewer fruits that we get excited about. The Sumo is one of them, and that has one of the shortest seasons of anything. Sad.

Tomorrow is National Wienerschnitzel Day!


[FHCx25] National Irish Coffee Day

Some of the best food and drink are named after places: Belgian Waffles, French Fries, Texas Toast…


There are few things that SP dislikes more than coffee. AK will tolerate it. But we remain stubbornly on this quest to observe every food holiday. So batten down the hatches, because it’s time to booze up some joe.

2016-01-25 18.41.43

AK got some Caribou coffee as the base of our drink. And thankfully, she also found one of these cute mini-bottles of Bailey’s because lord knows we wouldn’t use a whole bottle of the stuff on other days of the year. The last ingredient was a gift from a neighbor/SP‘s coworker, some Greenore Irish Whiskey. We know that our friends in Ireland would have a conniption if we tried to make Irish Coffee without an Irish Whiskey. So here’s to you guys.

2016-01-25 18.47.02


As expected, SP didn’t like it and AK thought it was alright.

Tomorrow is Peanut Brittle Day!


[FHCx23] National Rhubarb Pie Day/National Pie Day


We were kind of reluctant to accept today as National Pie Day, what with Pi Day on March 14th. Apparently, the American Pie Council declared National Pie Day back in 1986 before Pi Day became a thing in 1988, so we had to concede.

But wait… pi has been a number since before there was ever any pie!

Solution: we’ll happily celebrate both.

Rhubarb is not the most popular of pies. If we ignore how sketchy this data is, it didn’t even make it onto this pie chart:


Poor Rhubarb. Always the bridesmaid.

It deserves a day to be celebrated.

Keys Cafe, a local chain diner-type place, was our choice this time around. After lunch and some shoppin’ with the SPamily, it was time for all of us to go indulge in some pie.

2016-01-23 13.30.26

The dame of the hour herself, Rhubarbra Piesand.

2016-01-23 13.30.16

Strawberry Rhubarb! Even though it’ll have its own celebration on June 9th, plain old Rhubarb needs a friend on its special day.

2016-01-23 13.32.42

Looks real good, but none of the grown men cried. (cherry pie)

2016-01-23 13.30.52

National Pie Day is a pretty good excuse to get some Banana Cream Pie in the mix. Sorry, Rhubarb.

There were some differences in opinion as to which of the rhubarbs was better. AK found the tartness to be a bit much compared to the (debatable) more-rounded flavor of the strawberry rhubarb, but SP and his brother SPam enjoyed both pretty equally. With the cherry and banana cream, there’s no real contest.


SP: -0.4 pounds, total lost: 87.8

AK: +0.6 pounds, total lost: 25.6

Tune in tomorrow for some peanut butter!




[FHCx11] Hot Toddy Day/Milk Day

WELL, it turns out Hot Toddies are kind of gross. In any case:


Recently it’s been hovering around -Nope°F here in the Twin Cities and, since we have both been having various otorhinolaryngological (gezundheit) ailments over the last few days, Hot Toddy Day seemed a welcome friend to us in our time of need. With a cute name like Toddy, who can resist? And it’s hot, too?!! Lemme at ’em!

Our research told us that we needed some water, bourbon, honey, lemon juice, and nutmeg. Luckily we have it all. (H/T to Mirror Lake Beeworks for our favorite local honey! What’s about to happen was not your fault!)

2016-01-11 11.58.38

If the measuring cup looks empty, it’s because the recipe called for very little water. Like a quarter cup.

SP likes whiskeys well enough, but you must have to either really like whiskey or be in it for the lemon in order to enjoy this thing. AK likes neither and is the less-ill of the two of us, so SP stepped up as the guinea pig. AK tried some, too, but her reaction was a lot less entertaining.

And there you have it. Groundbreaking journalism, right from the source.

Since today is also Milk Day, we drank some as a post-trauma comfort.

2016-01-11 12.03.21

 AK has a cookies ‘n’ cream milk-flavoring straw, just for fun.

Tomorrow is Curried Chicken Day/Marzipan Day, so it should be significantly less disgusting.

Have any favorite marzipan brands/sources/recipes? Please, let us know in the comments or via Facebook/Twitter!




[FHCx8] English Toffee Day

We’ve made it one whole week! Can you believe it?


While perusing around the local Lunds & Byerlys – and let’s face it, it will always be either just Lunds or just Byerlys – SP found himself digging through the holiday clearance and found ourselves a little Christmas miracle. Is clearance becoming a theme for us?

Regardless, we found some “artisan” peppermint English toffee, just in time for our holiday! Rather than rush out and find some sort of master of English toffee, we decided to settle on store bought. But hey! It was a deal!

2016-01-08 16.30.19

2016-01-08 16.31.53

Thankfully, not too minty. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the toffee-y.

Toffee is always a hit or miss with me (SP) because it has to be at the perfect balance of crunch and chew. And don’t get me started on bits in my teeth. I’m saving those for later.

Sometimes you just need a sweet chew! So go out and grab some English toffee while you still have a chance!

Tomorrow: Apricot day!


[FHCx6] Shortbread Day/Beans Day

Hopefully no one’s disappointed, but we didn’t eat any bean/shortbread sandwiches today. Heck, we didn’t even really eat any beans! In any case:


None of the food we had on hand for dinner would have been very good with beans, so we decided to be a little creative. Okay, it might be a bit of a stretch. Sure did taste good, though.

2016-01-06 18.42.50

Mochi! Filled with red bean paste! Close enough, right?

If you’ve never had mochi, we definitely recommend it. Don’t let the soft squishy texture unnerve you. Since it’s sweet but not crazy rich like a lot of American treats can be, it’s a good one for people who can’t usually handle the overly saccharine. If you’re too scared of the bean paste for whatever reason, you can find mochi with different filling flavors such as chocolate or PB&J (although some would argue whether that’s “authentic” mochi). All in all, yummy stuff.

The other day at Target (same day we found the cherry cordials) we came across another Christmas clearance item, which happened to be a snowflake-design Nordic Ware shortbread pan (accidentally local again!). Just in time for Shortbread Day! We especially had to get it because it came with shortbread instructions and we still don’t know what we’re doing. It ended up being easy enough!

First, cream up some butta (and suga)

2016-01-06 18.30.24

Add the floua

2016-01-06 18.33.29

Knead tha dough

2016-01-06 18.37.06

Put it in the thing

2016-01-06 18.40.06

Fork up some holes (and then sing “Fork up some holes” to the tune of Turn Down For What)


Bake it for a while

2016-01-06 19.24.41

Et voilá!


2016-01-06 19.28.53

Goes great with fruit and the whipped cream you made yesterday!

Apologies to any tall breads that may have felt marginalized by today. That means you, baguette.