[FHCx297] National Boston Cream Pie Day

Pronounced bah-stan


History lesson: like many other early American desserts, there is some disagreement about who invented what food. Perhaps it was an Armenian-French chef, M. Sanzian, who created it for the Parker House Hotel in 1856. Maybe it was conceived of for a cook book in 1878. But the general agreement is that the modern variant, spongey cake with cream filling and a chocolate coat, was first chronicled in 1887, though it was called Chocolate Cream Pie.

It’s not even a pie. It’s a cake. I guess people in the 1800s just didn’t have their lives together. 

In 1996, Boston Cream Pie was declared the official dessert of Massachusetts. And now we celebrate its National day!

Well today is our trip to Disneyland. In order to get some Boston Cream, we stopped at Tiffy’s just outside of the park. Tiffy’s isn’t exactly a regular spot for locals; it’s definitely set up for the tourists staying near Disneyland. Still, they have the cake for us and that’s good enough! (They have an amazing cinnamon roll, by the way.)

Best part was being able to share it with our field trip buddies! We’ll try it this way… AKron, AKaul, AKamy, AKali, and AKio. That was tough. Sorry guys. 

Tomorrow is National Good and Plenty Day, National Bologna Day, and “National Food Day.”



[FHCx293] National Seafood Bisque Day

Greetings from California!


And we are actually by a body of water this time!

We are on a short fall vacation to Southern California, and our first stop from the airport was to get into some bisque. We achieved our goal thanks to Roy’s at the Anaheim Garden Walk (you know, right next to Disneyland).

Lobster Bisque that had some Thai curry flavors. Spicy and tasty!

Our crew for dinner! AKma and AKpa on the right, SPAK, SPuncle SPark, and SPark’s coworker/BFF Howie

Tomorrow is National Brandied Fruit Day. On towards vacation!