[FHCx340] National Sacher Torte Day


A sacher torte is named after the same guy/family as the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, and his name is Franz Sacher. Austrian, yet Jewish, this guy was 16 years old when he invented the dessert after a kitchen meltdown in Prince Metternich’s court. Ah, Viennese royalty…

But what is it? Chocolate cake? That’s it? NO! It’s a super dense chocolate cake with a dark chocolate finish that obscures a thin layer of delectable apricot jam. That’s a cake we can get behind. Or… a cake we can put in our faces. Thanks to Black Forest Inn, we didn’t end up having to make one today. Theirs was delicious!


Served with a little cup o’ whipped cream. See that cute layer of apricot?

Tomorrow is National Gazpacho Day.


[FHCx253] National Wienerschnitzel Day

Bless you!


Can’t go wrong with deep fried meat, right? It’s the national dish of Austria, and it’s one of “My Favorite Things.” Butterfly-cut veal slices, super thin, pounded, and then breaded and fried. Good stuff.

Well, we don’t have a Wienerschnitzel (the chain) restaurant around here, so we had to get the real thing. And we had a few choices… Black Forest Inn, where we did Black Forest Cake a while back, but we didn’t want to do a repeat if we had another option. There’s also Gasthof Zur Gemütlichkeit, which was featured on Man vs. Food, but SP refuses to go there since they hosted a Nazi event in 2014. So we went with another local place, Bierstube.

2016-09-09 17.43.37.jpg

Wienerschnitzel with some of their Jaeger sauce, German potato salad, toast and asparagus

It was really good and we’d definitely go back. Thanks, Bierstube!

Tomorrow is National TV Dinner Day!


[FHCx82] World Water Day/National Bavarian Crepes Day

Drink up!


If you do a Google image search of “Bavarian crepe day,” a slew of pictures come up (including one that is just a TV screen that says “DIABETES”…?) The internet sure does seem to insist that Bavarian crepes are a thing, but we had a hard time pinning down what exactly makes a crepe “Bavarian.” When AK asked the single Bavarian person she knows for tips, they had no idea what she was talking about. Wikipedia claims that palatschinken are “Austro-Bavarian,” so we drew some inspiration from that. Ultimately we took a bit of creative license and made a conglomeration of various internet sources.

Since we still don’t have proper crepe-making apparatus, it was time again to turn to the pre-packaged crepe wrappers from our local produce section. We already had homemade jam on hand from some SPamily friends (the same ones we get our honey from! Thanks again, if you’re reading this!) so the only thing left was to make some “Bavarian” cream.

SPom kindly located for us a recipe from the Sprinkled With Jules blog, wherein the blogger admits that this recipe is kind of cheating:

                   “Normally bavarian cream is made with lots of eggs, and involves heating the mixture.                                       Who’s got time for that? No thanks!” – Blog lady who gets us

First, the cream!

2016-03-22 19.49.39

Beaten until stiff peaks form. MAD PROPZ TO LOYAL READER AND FRIEND OF AK, ALI, FOR THE HOUSEWARMING MIXER! Our house is now warm and our un-fatigued arms thank you.

It took several minutes on the highest speed, but it thickened up nicely. Then we added the sugar-free pudding mix and, subsequently, milk.


The plot, and also the cream, thickens!

2016-03-22 20.28.52

Finished cream. Also pictured: various jams/jellies. This time, we stuck with the red currant.

And now, assembly! We had different philosophies on this one.

2016-03-22 20.31.12

SP put both jam and cream on the inside and wrapped it into a dessert burrito of sorts.

2016-03-22 20.34.04

AK spread only jam on the inside, rolled it up tightly, and dolloped some cream on top.

Rather delicious.

Oh yeah — it’s Water Day, too!

SP is experiencing stomach buggyness again, which undoubtedly means AK is next, so water is currently even more important to us than usual. Drink it plain, put tea in it, mix in your strange powders… whatever it takes! Just drink it!

Also, in the wake of the water problems in Flint, we are extra grateful to have access to potable water. Here’s an article detailing various ways you can help. Or, I suppose you can just donate to the Clean Water Initiative.

We’ll be here tomorrow to celebrate Chip and Dip/Melba Toast!