[FHCx321] National Fast Food Day


At dinner this evening, SP and AK reminisced over many fast food memories of childhood and adolescence. Much of America can remember certain instances tied to McDonald’s and the like, and it’s just so ingrained in our culture that it would be truly a shock if someone had never had food from any one of the multitude of fast food options. Things to note in our fast food history:

SP used to get a combo of two hamburgers at McDonald’s when he was little. But… No pickles or onions. It wasn’t until much later that he realized how amazing those are.

AK used to not understand why her brother would get the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s, Jr. because she didn’t like barbecue sauce. Again, something that would turn around later in life.

SP was the kind of guy who would dip his french fries into his Frosty at Wendy’s.

AK used to love getting the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl with an Oreo shake from Jack-in-the-Box. Unfortunately, we have none in Minnesota.

SP didn’t experience White Castle until he was in his teenage years, because the rest of the SPamily tends to really dislike White Castle. When he found out how amazing it is, he felt betrayed that he’d never been exposed to it.

AK knows how to order her food at In-n-Out just right. It’s important to get your fries animal style with extra spread. Gimme dat extra.

Anyway, tonight’s pick was narrowed down to Arby’s. A good choice to celebrate all that is fast food!

2016-11-16 17.58.10.jpg

It was fast. And food!

Whichever speedy drive-thru option you choose today, just know that America runs on this. A true patriot eats pre-prepared foods from under a heat lamp.

Tomorrow is National Homemade Bread Day and National Baklava Day!