[FHCx210] National Chili Dog Day/National Milk Chocolate Day

Chocolate chili, anybody?


Chocolate is chocolate. Purists will dismiss things like milk chocolate and white chocolate. But in reality, milk chocolate isn’t all that bad! We got some chocolate from Choco Love. Pretty good stuff!

2016-07-28 15.37.282016-07-28 15.39.30

Today is also Chili Dog Day. There are a few restaurants in the Twin Cities that do amazing dogs: Chris and Rob’s, The Wienery, and Prairie Dogs. Prairie Dogs, especially, is known for making some badass chili – you can tell they’re good on it because they serve chili cheese fries. So we made the trip down to uptown (which is south of downtown) to get our dog on. And it was absolutely amazing. You need to go to Prairie Dogs immediately.

2016-07-28 18.33.32

2016-07-28 18.46.48

The “Split Open and Melt” – Chili, Hook’s cheddar spread, mustard, and raw onions. Chili Cheese Fries on the side. Messy. Delicious.

2016-07-28 18.46.38

Not a chili dog. The “Pliny the Elder” – Duck fat fried hot dog, foie gras torchon, and currant apple relish. Also messy. Also delicious.

The chili is just what you need for a dog. Super meaty. No beans. A little kick and very, very, very saucy. Gets everywhere. We will dream of these dogs tonight.

Tomorrow is National Chicken Wing Day and National Lasagna Day!


[FHCx195] National French Fry Day/National Beans ‘n Franks Day

An important holiday for sure.


Beanie Weenie, whatever. You take a frank of some sort, mix it in with some baked beans. Our guess is that someone needed to make a dinner out of two convenient, long-lasting foods. Chop up some hot dog and throw it in beans. Boom. There’s even fiber in it, so it’s good for you, right?

2016-07-13 16.09.02

SP‘s favorite baked beans.

2016-07-13 16.09.21

2016-07-13 16.10.03

Very good hot dogs. Easy to prepare.

2016-07-13 16.17.30

Franks. Beans.

But there’s a more important thing to talk about today: French Fries.

French Fries are the epitome of the beige food. Ultimately tasty, uniquely made in so many different places, undeniably addictive, and most definitely not good for you in large quantities. In no particular order, we want to salute the following places for their excellent French Fries. Please keep doing what you’re doing:

And many, MANY others. Those are just the first that come to mind. Today we celebrated by picking up a snack at Five Guys. We’ve found among our friends that Five Guys’ fries are polarizing. Some friends say that the reason they give you so many in the bag is because they have to get rid of them, since they’re so bad. Those are people you shouldn’t spend too much time around. Five Guys’ fries are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, fresh and hot, and best covered in cajun spices.

2016-07-13 14.46.492016-07-13 14.47.27

Thanks for the fries!

Tomorrow is National Grand Marnier Day and National Mac and Cheese Day.


[FHCx164] National Peanut Butter Cookie Day/National Jerky Day

Game of Thrones episode is finally over so we can write about how


The whole “You got chocolate in my peanut butter/You got peanut butter in my chocolate” thing works with lots of things and peanut butter. In today’s case, namely, that’s cookies. Why not make cookies more awesome by adding peanut butter? Probably because some people have life-threatening peanut allergies. Suckers.

As for Jerky Day, we celebrated with some Krave jerky. It’s a great protein snack to keep you full throughout the day. In general, jerky is something you should keep around the house for regular snacking.

2016-06-12 20.54.02

2016-06-12 20.56.26

Usually we’d prefer soft cookies but today we were on a schedule!

2016-06-12 21.04.19.jpg

Look at that beautiful piece of meat.

Tomorrow is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day!


[FHCx56] National Clam Chowder Day/National Chili Day/National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day

Ch ch ch


Oy that’s a mouthful. Don’t eat all of them at the same time. That would be gross. On days like today, we have a couple options: 1) Combine two or more food holidays into one by using some creative imagination, or 2) treat them all separately which may mean that some are not treated as especial. We opted this time for #2 (heh, #2) and tomorrow we’ll make up for it with an amazing feast!

First up – Clam Chowder. We know that recently we already celebrated National New England Clam Chowder Day, but the powers that be gave the “regular” clam chowder a day to itself. Probably for those of Manhattan who realized a month late, “Hey, wait a minute…” Our soup came in the form of a frozen food from Lund’s and Byerly’s.

2016-02-25 18.18.43

2016-02-25 18.27.29


It was pretty good. It’s kind of molten when you have to nuke it. But like most things from LnB’s, it’s tasty enough. We shared this one bowl, and put away half of it for a leftover snack some other time.

Next up! Chocolate Covered Nuts. You know how you walk through a grocery store and spot that giant section of bulk nuts? (Yes, I giggle as I type this.) Most of the time, I am completely unfazed by the section because I usually don’t have enough reason to buy a few pounds of pepitas. This time, we got ourselves some chocolate covered peanuts and almonds. Wait a second! Peanuts and almonds aren’t even technically (botanically) nuts?! This is bogus!

Well in a quick google search, it seems like NONE of the things that our parents told us were nuts were actually nuts. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, pine nuts… None of them are nuts!!! But they are considered “culinary nuts” and as our food blog is largely culinary, we accept almonds and peanuts as nuts for today.

2016-02-25 18.20.27

Here is an unrelated picture of some rabbit poop.

Lastly, there was a Chili Day to celebrate.

When we think chili, it’s one of two things: 1) Mom’s homemade chili – good lord – or 2) Fast Food chili. And when we think Fast Food chili, well… SP thinks Steak ‘n Shake while AK thinks Tommy’s (the chili burger that’s so messy that SP and his friends call it the diaper burger) or The Hat‘s chili cheese fries. But that’s beside the point. We both think Wendy’s. There are really no chain restaurant chilis in our current area (SnS was a St. Louis favorite and both Tommy’s and The Hat are Left Coast) that hit the spot like this rich and meaty treat. So after our Target run this evening, we stopped by our neighborhood Wendy’s to get some chili. AK got hers with a baked potato, and SP got his with a spicy chicken filet.

2016-02-25 20.04.41.jpg

Phew! Another 3-in-1 down.

Tomorrow is National Pistachio Day!