[FHCx358] National Pfefferneuse Day

8 daaaaaaays remaining!


Bless you!

Pfefferneuse, or more appropriately “pfeffernüse,” are little spice cookies from central Europe. They are traditional to December in Germany, Denmark, and the like, specifically around the time of the feast of Saint Nicholas around December 5/6. Despite being named “pepper nut,” these contain no nuts. Or peppers. Who comes up with this anyway?

The cookies came over here with the Dutch Menonites, so they aren’t too unfamiliar for most living in the Eastern states. They aren’t hard to find in grocery stores around this time of year.


“I’m glad they’re soft,” AK exclaimed. They taste gingerbready and cardamomy and such and so on. If these were around during the rest of the year, we would probably get them again.

Tomorrow is National Egg Nog Day!


[FHCx350] National Cupcake Day



As if cake wasn’t good enough, you can put it in a little paper wrapper, and then use about 20x as much frosting as would normally go on a slice of cake. And we’ve had our share of cupcakes this year. As we’ve previously done chocolate cupcake day and vanilla cupcake day, today was sort of a compromise: cookies ‘n cream!


Because why have a cupcake if it doesn’t have some sort of chocolate?

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.


[FHCx339] National Cookie Day


AK bought these, so this is what we did for cookie day:

2016-12-04 08.51.49.jpg

Just kidding. Well, we did eat them, and they did taste like sugar cookies, but still! We have to bake cookies. We weren’t going to go completely from scratch, as we have on many other cookie days, because we had this mix sitting around from a long time ago.


Delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow is National Sacher Torte Day!


[FHCx320] National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day/National Bundt Day/National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

Loading up!


Raisin Bran is a polarizing cereal, as we’ve found out from conversations with friends. SP tends to like raisins, and AK doesn’t. But even the bran part is something people don’t like. Weird.


Two Scoops for extra poops


Just look at how fun this cereal is!

Our next task was handling some Bundt. We are proud to present it as a regional creation with Jewish roots. Can you believe it? It’s based off of Gugelhupf, which was a Eastern European cake popular in Jewish communities. And then some dudes in St. Louis Park (which used to be referred to as “St. Jewish Park” – ya know, where SParents grew up) made this company called Nordic Ware and invented the Bundt pan based off this cake thing.

Everywhere you go in Minnesota, Bundt. Believe it. And Mrs. Wonderful’s are frequently available at Target. And they are wonderful.


When picking out which flavor to use today, AK said “Obviously Cinnamon Swirl.” So I guess there you go.



Super duper good.

The last part of today was something we’d never heard of: Spicy Hermit? What? Like, spicy hot? Hermit like a crab, or a person hiding out somewhere? Who came up with this crap?

New Englanders in the 1880s, like half of these dang food holiday foods.

Imagine an oatmeal raisin cookie. Take out the oatmeal, but still keep the cookie soft and chewy. Then throw on a whole bunch of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, etc. That’s a spicy hermit. We nabbed this recipe from The Spice House to make our own.


Dry ingredients with a bunch of spices.


Cream butter with sugar.


Add in some beaten eggs and mix it up. This looks super cool, doesn’t it?


Combine with the dry stuff.


Chewy. Could’ve had more spices in them, but likely the recipe was made “mild” so that people wouldn’t run screaming to the hills. An interesting cookie, but not our favorite.

Tomorrow is National Fast Food Day!


[FHCx117] National Pretzel Day

Tie yourself in knots for


Ok, we get it. Every holiday ever has some kind of bread product. At least, for those that happen to fall during Passover. We’ve got blueberry pie later in the week (the crust!) and shrimp scampi on Friday (noodles!) so we are in some pain. Thankfully, Osem came to the rescue with Kosher for Passover, Gluten-Free Pretzels.

2016-04-26 16.35.38.jpg

They have the texture of a Ritz cracker – not quite the crisp of Pretzels.

If we had our way, we would be celebrating today with the Bengal Barbecue’s Jalapeno Pretzel with some Banyan Sauce, as we mentioned on International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Soft pretzels are amazing, and those in particular top the charts on favorite pretzel of all time. All hail to Disneyland!

AK found this mix for “compost cookies” that we decided to make tonight. Though we won’t be able to eat them, SP will bring them in as treats for Administrative Professionals’ Day tomorrow. Those folks at SP‘s school make his life significantly easier, so he’s happy to bring them stuff on their appreciation day. So what is a compost cookie? Thanks to Milk Bar, we have a mix.

2016-04-26 21.03.43

Our ingredients!

2016-04-26 21.08.48

The flour mix and some butter.

2016-04-26 21.10.04

Add in the chocolate chips/butterscotch chips/graham cracker/oats packet of stuff.

2016-04-26 21.11.11

Throw in some crushed potato chips and crushed pretzels

2016-04-26 21.17.49

Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes

2016-04-26 21.28.40


Aw man. I guess we’ll hear about how they are tomorrow!

Speaking of which, in addition to Administrative Professionals’ Day, tomorrow is also Prime Rib Day.


[FHCx78] National Sloppy Joes Day/National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

Sloppy Joe, sloppy sloppy Joe.


Oh the sloppy Joe. Such an amazing food. For when you have ground beef but you’re just to lazy to shape it into something and you don’t have a box of some sort of Helper to make any major changes. Our recipe comes from this magical condiment called Ketchipotle, that we modify by adding a bit of Famous Dave’s sauce.

2016-03-18 17.35.082016-03-18 17.28.052016-03-18 17.41.242016-03-18 17.43.29Using a 93% lean beef, we manage to keep this thing super healthy and filling. The ketchipotle makes it spicy and juicy. It has attained a status of regular-rotation dinner for us, so we were happy to celebrate!

Our other venture today was making Lacy Oatmeal Cookies. We weren’t sure from the outset what made an oatmeal cookie particularly “lacy.” We researched and found that while a regular oatmeal cookie may be doughy and soft, a lacy oatmeal cookie is prepared with a very wet batter and ends up making very thin wafer cookies.

2016-03-18 18.08.23

1 cup quick cook oats, 1/4 cup white flour, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 0.5 tsp salt

2016-03-18 18.10.50

3/4 cup sugar, 1/3 cup butter, beaten until fluffy. Add 1 egg and 1 tsp of vanilla.

2016-03-18 18.15.06

Mix the flour stuff with the wet stuff.

2016-03-18 18.17.00

Scoop out by the teaspoonful onto a sprayed cookie sheet. Make sure they’re far enough apart!

2016-03-18 18.34.44

They expand and become very thin.

2016-03-18 18.38.03


They are SUPER good. Normally SPAK likes softer, chewier cookies. Gooey chocolate chip kinds of things. But these, which are meant to be crispy, work perfectly. We got them while they were fresh, too, which made them leaps and bounds better. Plus, with a major reduction in sugar and butter from the recipe we found online, and using a teaspoon measure to make 36 cookies, each one was a nice low calorie especially for how big they were.

But part of saving on the calories means not eating all of them. We gave a whole bunch to our neighbor (SP‘s coworker) and his daughter. She did an impression for us in order to earn the cookies. It was adorable.

Tomorrow is our first four-holiday day. Tomorrow we celebrate: Maple Syrup Day, Poultry Day, Chocolate Caramel Day, and Corn Dog Day (the first Saturday of the NCAA tournament). Yikes.


[FHCx6] Shortbread Day/Beans Day

Hopefully no one’s disappointed, but we didn’t eat any bean/shortbread sandwiches today. Heck, we didn’t even really eat any beans! In any case:


None of the food we had on hand for dinner would have been very good with beans, so we decided to be a little creative. Okay, it might be a bit of a stretch. Sure did taste good, though.

2016-01-06 18.42.50

Mochi! Filled with red bean paste! Close enough, right?

If you’ve never had mochi, we definitely recommend it. Don’t let the soft squishy texture unnerve you. Since it’s sweet but not crazy rich like a lot of American treats can be, it’s a good one for people who can’t usually handle the overly saccharine. If you’re too scared of the bean paste for whatever reason, you can find mochi with different filling flavors such as chocolate or PB&J (although some would argue whether that’s “authentic” mochi). All in all, yummy stuff.

The other day at Target (same day we found the cherry cordials) we came across another Christmas clearance item, which happened to be a snowflake-design Nordic Ware shortbread pan (accidentally local again!). Just in time for Shortbread Day! We especially had to get it because it came with shortbread instructions and we still don’t know what we’re doing. It ended up being easy enough!

First, cream up some butta (and suga)

2016-01-06 18.30.24

Add the floua

2016-01-06 18.33.29

Knead tha dough

2016-01-06 18.37.06

Put it in the thing

2016-01-06 18.40.06

Fork up some holes (and then sing “Fork up some holes” to the tune of Turn Down For What)


Bake it for a while

2016-01-06 19.24.41

Et voilá!


2016-01-06 19.28.53

Goes great with fruit and the whipped cream you made yesterday!

Apologies to any tall breads that may have felt marginalized by today. That means you, baguette.