[FHCx214] National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Raspberries again?


Now this one SP can handle. He and SPom used to make these yogurt/jell-o pies quite a bit back when he lived with the SParents. It’s simple and really fun and light.

2016-08-01 12.27.17

Cool Whip Free is awesome. Yoplait Light Red Raspberry, and a sugar free raspberry Jell-O.

2016-08-01 12.29.38

Use the whole pack of Jell-O but with only a quarter cup of boiling water. Mix it reeeeally good.

2016-08-01 12.34.41

Add in the yogurt and 3/4 of the Cool Whip tub.

2016-08-01 12.34.43

Normally we would use one graham cracker crust, but these looked too cute not to try.

2016-08-01 12.35.48

Fill each with the goo.

2016-08-01 12.38.52

Plop a raspberry on top and refrigerate for a couple hours until they’re set.

Very tasty and refreshing! Go try it for yourself. It works for lots of flavors, too. We’ve tried Strawberry, Key Lime, and a bunch of others. Really, it depends on what Jell-O you can match with a yogurt!

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!


[FHCx213] National Raspberry Cake Day/National Jump for Jelly Beans Day

Blow a raspberry at someone!


Jump for Jelly Beans day is NOT Jelly Beans Day. Been there, done that. Instead, today celebrates the acting of jumping for said beans. Why? Enthusiastic leaping is just something that needs to be done. If SPAK were to invent a few holidays in this vein, only to revisit foods we love, we might include

  • Squeal for Banana Cream Pie Day
  • Making Wild Hand Gestures for Spaghetti Day
  • Do a Backflip for Baked Alaska Day

or other obnoxious titles. Still, we force ourselves to continue on the tradition of food holidays so… SP put the jelly beans on the top shelf of the cabinet.

2016-07-31 22.05.012016-07-31 22.05.22

We jumped. Yay.

AK had a recipe handed off to her from cousin SPamy for a raspberry cake. Essentially, you take a white cake mix and infuse some frozen raspberries into it, making it very pink.

2016-07-31 21.23.152016-07-31 21.28.222016-07-31 21.30.022016-07-31 21.32.44

2016-07-31 21.36.46

Ooooooooooh hurts your retinas, don’t it?

2016-07-31 22.35.11

2016-07-31 22.36.43

The frosting is a bit of Cool Whip and some of the raspberry sauce we froze a few months ago

2016-07-31 22.39.55

Overall, pretty good. Could be better, but we did what we had to. We’ll try again tomorrow for National Raspberry Cream Pie Day! Somebody needs to use up their raspberries we guess…