[FHCx346] National Noodle Ring Day


We didn’t know what a noodle ring was before this food holiday challenge. Apparently lots of cultures use the ring form to make baked noodles, ranging from Italian (timballo, if that counts) to Ashkenazi (kugel in ring form). We like noodles well enough, and have enjoyed them plenty throughout the year like Noodle Day, but today was a special challenge to try something new. We lifted this recipe and gave it a shot.



You remember Bundt Day, right…?


A whole bunch of stuff (go read the recipe!). Most of the flavor comes from a can of cream of mushroom soup, the cheese, and the broccoli…


With some strong help from Lipton’s Onion Soup mix. This stuff is the business. We’d make anything with it.


Cook a bunch of egg noodles and then pour them in. 


Should we just eat it as is?


Pack it into the pan. Set into 350F for almost an hour. We ended up doing about 55 minutes.



Drumroll pleeeeease!




What it looks like at a cross-section.

It tasted like cheesy onion-y cream of mushroom stuff. Best part was that SP worked with SPom and SPad to make it, and then got to serve it with AKma and AKpa. Family gathering for the win!

Tomorrow is National Ambrosia Day and National Gingerbread House Day.



[FHCx132] National Eat What You Want Day

Don’t you make me repeat it!


AK, here. Today is a special food holiday in the sense that it’s the first time in 132 days that our beloved challenge has not mandated anything particular for us to eat/drink. We’ve gotten used to the challenge making our decisions for us, and the freedom was scary! So, naturally, we frantically searched for some other inspiration to tell us what to eat.

May 11th, let’s see… start of the Mexican-American War of 1846, apparently. A culinary duel between tacos and cheeseburgers? Sounds elaborate. Better not.

Hey, turns out today is also the 158th Anniversary of Minnesota’s admission into the Union! Maybe we should eat a distinctly Minnesotan food! Wild rice? Meh. Lutefisk? Hard meh. What else is there…


Some of you might be thinking something along the lines of “Hot dish? What, did they take it out of the dishwasher while it was still in dry mode?” No no, dear chap. Hot dish is a Minnesotan casserole thingy, often made with tater tots. So Minnesotan that, for a few years, our airport had a restaurant centered around it (RIP). It’s kind of in the same class as funeral potatoes. Here’s some lady talking about it on Youtube:

Long ago, before I knew it would be useful, I found this amusing book at a thrift store:

2016-05-11 15.16.04

Being that this was my first hot dish experience, both in the cooking and eating of them, SP and I thought it best to keep it classic and go with a basic/entry-level hot dish.

2016-05-11 15.16.22

2016-05-11 15.26.38

Instead of using the 1/2 cup minced equivalent of one small onion, we used half of a giant onion. There was probably more onion than meat and that is okay.

2016-05-11 15.27.55

Ground beef into the mix. Gotta get it all broken up while ya brown it. As a Hamburger Helper enthusiast, I had this part down pat. 

2016-05-11 15.32.26

Onionmeat goes into the casserole dish, followed by your frozen and hopefully listeria-free vegetable of choice. We went with corn.

2016-05-11 15.33.11

Cream of mushroom soup and milk join the party!

2016-05-11 15.34.59

Lots of people just kind of chuck the tater tots in there, but we laid them gingerly like little potato bricks.

2016-05-11 16.42.05

Bake it for an hour, et voila!

2016-05-11 16.43.46

Goopy meaty Upper Midwestern fare, fit for any Sven or Helga.

It was pretty good. Hearty, classic. Lowbrow? You be the judge.

Tomorrow is Nutty Fudge Day.