[FHCx362] National Fruitcake Day

Gonna make it to Saturday night!


There are a lot of jokes made at the expense of fruitcakes. Let’s just roll through a few:

Rhonda lands a lucrative government contact when it's discovered that her holiday fruitcakes are bullet-proof.fruitcakebc2bfruitcake

Where did this running joke even come from? Why don’t people like fruitcake? There’s this amazing article from the Washington Post that talks about fruitcake’s image in the US. The most memorable joke about fruitcake is likely the original: Johnny Carson joked that there really is only one fruitcake and it just keeps getting passed around.

Since then, the fruitcake industry has just been in ruins. Really! It’s fruit in cake! What bad about it?


A present from SPom


Cute little fruitcake!

It’s moist and dense and cherry-y and mmmm. Could eat this all day, people!

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Candy Day.



[FHCx343] National Brownie Day


We want to share with you a “recipe” that is dear to SP‘s heart on this brownie day. Yes, we sure wish we could eat those triple chocolate, ultra-dense brownies that SPom makes, but those require reeeeally special occasions. And this recipe is all sorts of fun to share with people.

2016-12-08 17.14.03.jpg

Two ingredients.


Empty the black beans in a mixing bowl, juice and everything.


BLEND! FIERCELY BLEND! You can also do this in a food processor.


Throw in the brownie mix.




Pour into greased 13×9 pan. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

2016-12-08 20.04.03.jpg

These brownies are dense and chocolatey and gooey. They taste nothing of the black beans, but just rich brownie flavor. You will love them. Guaranteed.

Tomorrow is National Pastry Day!


[FHCx340] National Sacher Torte Day


A sacher torte is named after the same guy/family as the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, and his name is Franz Sacher. Austrian, yet Jewish, this guy was 16 years old when he invented the dessert after a kitchen meltdown in Prince Metternich’s court. Ah, Viennese royalty…

But what is it? Chocolate cake? That’s it? NO! It’s a super dense chocolate cake with a dark chocolate finish that obscures a thin layer of delectable apricot jam. That’s a cake we can get behind. Or… a cake we can put in our faces. Thanks to Black Forest Inn, we didn’t end up having to make one today. Theirs was delicious!


Served with a little cup o’ whipped cream. See that cute layer of apricot?

Tomorrow is National Gazpacho Day.


[FHCx335] National Mousse Day

Not mouse, not moose,


Air bubbles making something tastier? Ridiculous… but true! There’s something about the texture of a mousse that really adds to the experience, and of course the French food scientists would be the ones to come up with it.

As if we’ve never featured Lund’s & Byerly’s amazing bakery before, tonight’s mousse was a special treat from the ol’ LnBs (pronounced, “Ellenby’s”).



He’s so happy that he’s about to be digested!


Look at that beautiful moussey center…

Tomorrow is National Pie Day (we disagree) and National Eat a Red Apple Day!


[FHCx322] National Baklava Day/National Homemade Bread Day

Put on your balaclava!


Baklava is a sophisticated dessert. Much of our Mediterranean friends disagree that it’s anything special, but I mean really. We’re simple people. We would eat a block of chocolate and it would be amazing. Backpedaling, we’re not saying chocolate isn’t sophisticated… just that Baklava has layers.

Layers of filo dough and chopped nuts! It’s all held together by a very particular honey-ish syrup that is characteristic of any baklava.

Our favorite restaurant that serves Baklava is Holy Land, as in, National Gyros Day Holy Land. In addition to our lovely dinner of gyro, we got to take a gander at:



Porque no los dos? We had to try both. The chocolate drizzled one was excellent.

Another favorite thing of ours to eat is bread. Bread bread bread. All the time. It’s something about our genetics that predisposes us to a love of bread. We see bread in our dreams. We even saw a baguette in a zoo once. The sign read, “Bread in captivity.”

Today’s homemade bread was courtesy of the amazingest baker, SPad. This is the guy who used to not be able to find shirts that would fit because his arms were so huge from kneading dough all the time (back when he worked as a baker). These days he focuses on a few breads and is very modest about how amazing his bread really is. His best work is the sourdough:


We wish you could smell this!

Tomorrow is National Vichyssoise Day.


[FHCx297] National Boston Cream Pie Day

Pronounced bah-stan


History lesson: like many other early American desserts, there is some disagreement about who invented what food. Perhaps it was an Armenian-French chef, M. Sanzian, who created it for the Parker House Hotel in 1856. Maybe it was conceived of for a cook book in 1878. But the general agreement is that the modern variant, spongey cake with cream filling and a chocolate coat, was first chronicled in 1887, though it was called Chocolate Cream Pie.

It’s not even a pie. It’s a cake. I guess people in the 1800s just didn’t have their lives together. 

In 1996, Boston Cream Pie was declared the official dessert of Massachusetts. And now we celebrate its National day!

Well today is our trip to Disneyland. In order to get some Boston Cream, we stopped at Tiffy’s just outside of the park. Tiffy’s isn’t exactly a regular spot for locals; it’s definitely set up for the tourists staying near Disneyland. Still, they have the cake for us and that’s good enough! (They have an amazing cinnamon roll, by the way.)

Best part was being able to share it with our field trip buddies! We’ll try it this way… AKron, AKaul, AKamy, AKali, and AKio. That was tough. Sorry guys. 

Tomorrow is National Good and Plenty Day, National Bologna Day, and “National Food Day.”


[FHCx295] National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

Yet another cheesecake!


This time in theme with all the Fall stuff going on. You thought we got Pumpkin out of the way when we did our frappuccino but no! And even more pumpkin on the way with Halloween around the corner. 

So we ran into the local Von’s and grabbed one of these. You can tell the popularity of this stuff when it’s literally the first food item you see when you walk in the store. 

Pumpkiny! Cheesecakey!

Tomorrow is National Nut Day.