[FHCx359] National Egg Nog Day

7 more days…


We aren’t like Rocky, where we’ll just drink eggs.


No, we’d much prefer to take our egg juice with milk and cream and sugar and spices. So… Egg nog! It’s an old enough drink that its origins are unknown, but no one can deny its association with the end of December. Some drink it hot, some cold; some drink it boozed up, some just as is.

We have ours thanks to our neighbors, Land O Lakes.



Be careful of nog-stache…beard… Just gross. Takes a while to clean out.

Tomorrow is National Pumpkin Pie Day.



[FHCx307] National Deviled Egg Day


By “deviled” we mean, you add a bit of mustard and stuff. It used to be a term that people used to mean “make it spicy” before spicy foods were a common thing around the world. AK got to work on making these at home, which was wonderful.


Hard boil some eggies.


Cool ’em off.


Crack the egg and peel the shell off.


Dry ’em a bit.


Cut them the long way. 


Scoop out the yolky innards.


Here’s the stuff you mix with.


Yolk and other goop.


Pour the mixture back into the empty egg halves.



Garnish with paprika!

They’re like eggs, but spicier.

Tomorrow is National Sandwich Day!


[FHCx288] National Dessert Day/World Egg Day

Today is two gross.


What better way to wake up than eggs AK-style? Make a couple super-runny over-easy eggs and serve on toast. Eggs around the world may be served differently, but this is SPAKhouse.




Ok. What to do for dessert… Well we left it up to chance actually. For SP‘s birthday, AK bought us tickets to go to a first-ever event held at St. Paul College, this thing they call their “Chef’s Dinner.” They brought the chefs from Revival and Surly, both restaurants of great repute in SPAK history, to oversee the culinary program students in creating a beautiful dinner. So we left it to them to provide us with dessert. But on the journey there, we have to share the following as well.



Oh there’s dessert! This cheesecake had mini sopapillas on top, and a fudge sauce made with cayenne pepper. SO good.

We loved it. It was super fun. We were glad to be part of it!

Tomorrow is… too much. National Cheese Curds Day, National Red Wine Day, National Mushroom Day, National Chicken Cacciatore Day, National Roast Pheasant Day. Oy.


[FHCx225] National Julienne Fries Day

Julie who?


French Fry lesson time. There’s a lot of different forms of our favorite deep fried potato treat. Thanks to The Nibble, we have this beautiful article. In it, we find some serious wisdom.

The general shape of the french fry is called the “batonnet.” It’s about 0.25″ by 0.25″ by 2-2.5″ while its big brother, the “baton,” is 0.5″ by 0.5″ on the end. Our buddy for today, the Julienne style, which admittedly is used in cutting all sorts of things that aren’t french fries, uses 1/8″ or 3mm – one half each edge length of the batonnet. Nobody knows how the term originates but perhaps after a person with a name like Julienne.

So to honor the french fry, we went French: Barbette in Minneapolis.

2016-08-12 11.38.39

SP‘s “Royale with Cheese” – burger with caramelized onions and brie (yes, brie) with some hollandaise for the fries.

2016-08-12 11.38.48

AK‘s Croque Madame, with that beautiful egg on top.

2016-08-12 11.51.18.jpg

J is for Julienne!

We can’t turn down french fries. These were really great. If you’re ever in the Lake Calhoun area, make sure to stop by Barbette!

Tomorrow is National Filet Mignon Day!


[FHCx155] National Doughnut Day/National Egg Day/National Chocolate Macaroon Day



Let’s start this in order of our day. Breakfast!

SPAK are big fans of eggs. For the most part, we tend toward the “gooeyer-the-better” team. We like over-easy eggs that just ooze when you stab them. That’s really the best way to do it. Occasionally, when AK reeeeally likes SP, she’ll make Eggtoast in the morning. Eggs on toast. It’s the best.

2016-06-03 06.20.50

Oops, one broke.

2016-06-03 06.22.40

2016-06-03 06.24.57


2016-06-03 06.25.44


Next up! Midmorning snack. Donuts. Doughnuts. D’oh-nuts.

Everyone and their mother is talking about National Donut Day. It seems to be the most popular food holiday so far this year. But SPAK has been doing this before it was cool, and today is no exception. Why Donut Day? Started in 1938, created by the Salvation Army that would supply donuts to those who served in World War I. We don’t have many of those people left anymore, but we can still eat this sugary confection in honor of them. Whether you like cake-type (you’re wrong), yeast, glazed, long john, bear claws, apple fritter…

Happy Doughnut Day!

(^Video is also appropriate; Cousin SParles just named his new baby Nathaniel. Next one will be Superfly?)

2016-06-03 07.16.32

Lastly, we revisit the macaroon. And this time we are going full-on coconuts. This recipe, introduced by cousin SPamy, comes from SkinnyTasteSPamy makes these for Passover at the yearly gathering, and they are addictive, to say the least. You have to be very careful that you don’t end up eating the whole batch!

2016-06-03 21.53.572016-06-03 21.53.502016-06-03 21.53.532016-06-03 21.53.552016-06-03 22.46.112016-06-03 22.47.08

What a sweet day.

Tomorrow is National Cheese Day and National Cognac Day!


[FHCx48] National Cabbage Day/National Café Au Lait Day

Don’t mix these two together…


Cabbage is pretty awesome, and often takes second fiddle to lettuce (sometimes third to spinach, but who’s counting). The major downside to cabbage is that it smells pretty rank when you cook it. So I think most people generally avoid it. But it’s very good! One of SP‘s favorite Japanese foods involves cabbage: Okonomiyaki.

Tonight we celebrated our Eastern European heritage by making Cabbage Rolls. These particular cabbage rolls are of the Ashkenazi variety, and we call them Holishkes. You make a meat filling with rice, egg, onion, garlic, and ground meat, wrap it up in boiled cabbage leaves, and then cook with a tomato sauce. Recipe included!

2016-02-16 20.50.43

1 lb 93% lean ground beef, 1/2 large onion (diced), 5 cloves garlic (minced), 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk, and 1 cup cooked rice. Some salt and pepper to taste.

2016-02-16 21.04.51

AK boils the cabbage and tongs out some leaves.

2016-02-16 21.13.07

Take 1/4 cup of the meat filling at a time and form a log on a lettuce leaf. Cut off the fibrous corner of the cabbage to maximize edibility.

2016-02-16 21.13.26

And it makes a wittle cabbage!

2016-02-16 21.28.07

The sauce is 16oz tomato sauce, 3 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 tsp worcestershire. Pack the rolls into a slow cooker and let them go on super-low for 10 hours.

2016-02-17 17.02.52.jpg

Dinner is served!

The stuffing was fantastic. It’s hard to go wrong with onions, garlic, meat, and rice. The cabbage was cooked perfectly. It’s just a coating to keep things together and doesn’t annoy with little shreds of inedible weirdness. The flavor of the cabbage itself is really awesome, as all of the weird soapiness of raw cabbage dissipates. We weren’t as much a fan of the sauce, as it reminded us too much of Spaghetti-Os. So maybe next time we’d change that. Otherwise, an amazing dinner!

Well, as you know, neither of us really like coffee. So Café Au Lait day was brought to us by our friends at Lund’s & Byerly’s Bakery section. They make these amazing desserts and we had to pick one up. It’s coffee, it has milk, and… it’s in a cup! So I guess that’s how we’ll observe the holiday.

2016-02-17 17.13.36

Behold: The Café Au Lait of SPAK – Tiramisu chocolate cup

It was a great way to ingest coffee without succumbing to normal coffee. Yes, yes, we know. It’s not the same. However, we might get bored with our FHC if we don’t go for some interpretations here and there!

Tomorrow is crab-stuffed flounder day! You read read that last sentence right. You read that last sentence wrong.