[FHCx254] National TV Dinner Day


Sure, frozen foods have been around for a while. But in 1950s USA, the TV Dinner was essential in every home. It was fast and cheap, kept the kids happy… And you could multitask! When people yell at Millenials about how they use their phones during dinner, you can certainly guess where they learned that kind of behavior. Not that we’re knocking TV Dinners. These things are classic. SP and AK both grew up with Kid Cuisines and, like every other person ever, enjoyed the Kid Cuisine brownies best.

Over the years, frozen entrees have only gotten better. Hungry Man and Banquet are still around, which is just great. But now we also have foods from the likes of Saffron Road, Lean Cuisine, and WW Smart Ones. The science of the TV Dinner has also improved. For example, our dinners tonight have a science-y crisping tray that makes french fries that aren’t completely soggy microwaved messes!


We recommend these.


With some homemade BBQ sauce of course.


If you’re going to have a TV Dinner, at least honor the time by watching something from the early ’60s.

Tomorrow is National Hot Cross Buns Day! For some reason they put it in September, about as far away as you can get from when they’re normally eaten.