[FHCx362] National Fruitcake Day

Gonna make it to Saturday night!


There are a lot of jokes made at the expense of fruitcakes. Let’s just roll through a few:

Rhonda lands a lucrative government contact when it's discovered that her holiday fruitcakes are bullet-proof.fruitcakebc2bfruitcake

Where did this running joke even come from? Why don’t people like fruitcake? There’s this amazing article from the Washington Post that talks about fruitcake’s image in the US. The most memorable joke about fruitcake is likely the original: Johnny Carson joked that there really is only one fruitcake and it just keeps getting passed around.

Since then, the fruitcake industry has just been in¬†ruins. Really! It’s fruit in cake! What bad about it?


A present from SPom


Cute little fruitcake!

It’s moist and dense and cherry-y and mmmm. Could eat this all day, people!

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Candy Day.



[FHCx294] National Brandied Fruit Day


Today was a tough one. Brandied fruit is not exactly at your regular grocery. The idea is that sometimes you want to preserve some fruit, and you can do it using a sugary alcoholy syrup. Takes a while to do, and canning is something we typically only do with our pickles. 

Luckily, Cost Plus World Market carries a lot of British goods and we were able to source this bad boy:

Chewy and hearty and moist, tasted like a fig newton! Yum. 

Tomorrow is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!