[FHCx283] National Moldy Cheese Day/National Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day

This one is not for SPom.


We’ve now celebrated hoagies twice already. But today is when we put aside naming differences and realize what’s important: meat, oblong roll, insert into face. Our way of celebrating was ordering Jimmy John’s on a lazy Sunday morning.

2016-10-09 11.25.32.jpg

Left: AK‘s Beach Club. Right: SP‘s Bootlegger. Both without the tomato and with extra onions.

As the song goes: Sandwiches are beautiful / Sandwiches are fine / I like sandwiches / I eat them all the time.

Also celebrated today is moldy cheese. We both love cheese, ranging from aged sharp cheddar to the mozz you put on a pizza to the stinkiest of French cheeses. It’s really good stuff. Recently, we’ve had a few times where we pick up one of the small slivers of cheese at Lund’s & Byerly’s – they’re about $1 to $2 for a taste of a cheese and we just share them as a snack. Good stuff. This time we went a little larger just to make sure we could celebrate the day.

But wait a second. Moldy? Yes. From the same genus that brought you the miracle of penicillin comes a particular blue mold culture distinct to “blue” cheeses. Yes, it was probably discovered by accident. But it was a divine accident. Some still deny how great blue cheese is because they get stuck on the brevibacterium – it’s a bacterium that grows plentifully on human skin and causes that distinct foot odor. It’s not the kind of bacteria that causes the worst of smelly feet (that’s Kyetococcus sedentarius) so get over yourselves.

2016-10-09 21.47.57.jpg

St. Pete’s and some Societe Roquefort


Tomorrow is National Angel Food Cake Day. Talk about a palette cleanser.


[FHCx258] National Cream-Filled Donut Day/National Eat a Hoagie Day

Fill ’em up!


Whoever made today’s hoagiebration cheated. We already did hoagie day. But today you’re specifically supposed to eat the hoagie? I don’t know. What is important is that we give a shout out to our local buddies at Davanni’s. Twin Cities folks know that Davanni’s makes the heck out of some hoagies.


The Chicken Parmigiana – grilled chicken breast with pizza sauce and cheese.


Roast Beef classic hoagie with onions and lettuce and tomato.

So in addition to great pizza, there’s a great sandwich. And we didn’t even know it, but they were also celebrating National Eat a Hoagie Day and gave us $2 off the sandwiches! Thanks, Davanni’s.

It’s also very-specific-kind-of-donut day. Cream filled donuts, Bismarcks, Berliners, whatever you call them, have a great idea. Why waste space with having a hole in the center of your donut? Make it a pastry all the way through, and then shove some goo in there to make it even more tasty. We think Lund’s & Byerly’s does a great job with their variety in their bakery.


Fill yourself up on cream filled!

Tomorrow is National Linguini Day, National Double Cheeseburger Day, and National Creme de Menthe Day.