[FHCx146] National Wine Day

Quit your wining!


It wasn’t enough to have a Drink Wine Day. But the boozeaholics at the food holiday creation institute (not a real thing) just needed more excuses to drink wine. And not like Moscato day where we can celebrate one particular wine, but just wine in general. Sigh.

Here’s your wine!

2016-05-25 15.53.07.jpg

We also enjoyed some steak. The steak was better.

Tomorrow is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day and National Cherry Dessert Day! Apparently [fruit]+[dessert] days garnered disproportionate representation as well.


[FHCx49] National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day/National Drink Wine Day

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.


Alright. Crab-stuffed flounder. Someone at the top of the food chain of this food-holiday-making machine decided to go obscure, so here we are. Our initial plan was to kill and eat Sebastian and Flounder make something like this at home but there really isn’t much access to flounder in these parts. Instead, after a tiny bit of hunting, we succumbed to Beyonce’s advertising and took ourselves to Red Lobster. There, this beauty awaited us:

2016-02-18 19.02.59

2016-02-18 19.04.10

Look at dat stuffin’s.

Of course, while we were there chomping on our Cheddar Bay Biscuits™ we overhead another table order wine, saying “It’s national drink wine day!” Little did they know, they could have celebrated both holidays at once.

Us? We waited until we got home so we could have the good stuff. SP is a fan of a Hungarian wine called Tokaji. The wine was made semi-famous by Kings Louis XIV and XV, and as well by Bram Stoker when Harker drinks some near the beginning of Dracula. Dracula himself isn’t a fan of the stuff. He never drinks wine, ya know.

Our choice in Tokaji is this beauty. It’s sweet and subtle. Makes for a terrific dessert wine fit for royalty!

2016-02-18 21.03.36

Join us tomorrow for National Chocolate Mint Day! Now where did that giant peppermint patty go…