[FHCx287] National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Another national holiday celebrating another nation’s food…


Picture pudding. You probably just thought of some chocolatey or vanillay goo that can be gobbled up with a spoon pretty easily.

Not that kind of pudding today.

In the UK, pudding is really just a word for what happens when you mix eggs, flour, and milk, and make a popover-y pastry kind of thing. And usually that means with MEAT. None of this namby pamby sweet stuff. Meat.

Luckily for us we have a pub in town (a few actually) that serves food of the British Isles. It’s called Merlin’s Rest, and it’s very fun.



If you’re gonna go British, grab a cider.


Yeeeeeah, pudding!

Meaty and potatoy. The way life should be.

Tomorrow is National Dessert Day and World Egg Day!



[FHCx43] National Plum Pudding Day

Feeling a little bit international?


Plum pudding isn’t actually made from plums. Go figure. In the pre-Victorian era, everything raisin-related was just called “plums.” That makes a lot of sense. Thanks, England.

Instead, it’s this strange, gelatinous raisiny British/Irish pudding. Meant to be ingested on Christmas, this pudding has been given its official day in February. Because that makes a lot of sense, too.

We initially planned on making our own starting last August and letting it steep for months. Then we forgot. Regardless, here we are with our plum pudding, thanks to Walkers.

2016-02-12 18.54.18

2016-02-12 19.01.47

I’m sure the homemade kind looks more appealing.

It’s kind of like a fruit compote mixed with a sticky toffee pudding. The sweetness from all the dried fruits is made more intense by being super-hot. It’s kind of hard to eat as all of the small pieces come apart. Not one of the best desserts we’ve had. Oh well!

Tortellini Tomorrow!