[FHCx74] National Potato Chip Day/National Pi Day


Potato chips used to be a lunch staple, as we mentioned on Almond Day. When it was decided that something else would be healthier, they lost their place in the regular rotation. That doesn’t mean that we don’t love potato chips. Quite the contrary, bags disappear very quickly in this house, even of not great flavors. There’s something about constantly putting a food in your mouth and having an extended period of flavor and texture.

And no other food measures up for that kind of crisp. People at WW meetings will talk about using celery instead, but we all know it’s not the same. But that’s when it’s important to say, “You know what? It’s ok if I have some chips. But just some. Not all.”

Today we selected some Kettle Brand Sriracha chips. They’re great.

2016-03-14 15.51.02

2016-03-14 15.51.31

It’s wise to portion chips out by weighing them in grams. You can maximize how much you get that way!

More importantly, today is Pi Day. Though not celebrated as a food holiday, we sure will treat it like one. Pi Day started in the 1980s at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Those were people who celebrated things like Pi Day way before it was cool. In fact, likely at a time when it was decidedly uncool. (Maybe they even ate their pies before they were cool? Don’t burn your mouth.) Nowadays, hipsters who cherish “nerd culture” love to cling on to anything that makes them sound smart. So Pi Day for everyone, I guess!

At SP‘s school, as is tradition, the math department comes together with several pies and invites the staff to come celebrate.

2016-03-14 14.44.06

Clockwise from top left: Blueberry, dutch apple, pumpkin, oatmeal cream, chocolate cream, banana cream, cinnamon apple, pecan, Hostess

We had an irrationally good time. For fun, here’s a site where you can search pi for certain digits like where your phone number or birthday appears: http://www.angio.net/pi/

Speaking of eating pie and also trying to lose weight, here’s a relevant cartoon from Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.

2016-03-14 18.37.49

Tomorrow is National Pears Helene Day! We’re going to have Melba flashbacks.