[FHCx334] National Lemon Cream Pie Day

Another pie…


We can’t keep eating pie all week. We have to temper ourselves a little bit. So we bought this thing that says Lemon Cream Pie on it.

2016-11-29 16.24.55.jpg

Citrusy desserts aren’t always the best, but this was a pretty good treat.

Tomorrow is National Mousse Day!


[FHCx242] National Chop Suey Day/National More Herbs Less Salt Day/National Lemon Juice Day


Salt is the de facto “spice” for pretty much anywhere you go. In restaurants, especially, use of salt is through the roof. People are getting hypertension left and right from how much sodium intake they are completely unaware of, just because that’s the current way of the world. Sometimes you have to take the more cognizant way and make a conscious decision not to use salt where you normally might. Like eggies!

AK put together our eggy breakfast using non-salt stuff.

2016-08-28 21.08.282016-08-29 06.23.00

2016-08-29 06.25.10

Scramble! Looks like a ruffled blankie.

One other way to use less salt is to season things with lemon juice. You’d be surprised at how little you need of lemon juice to really enhance the flavor of anything you’re making, from stir fry to Mexican-style rice. That’s why we always keep some in the fridge!

2016-08-29 20.45.08.jpg

The other part of our day celebrates an outdated, mostly racist knock-off “Chinese” dish popularized in early 20th century USA: Chop Suey. Before we could understand actual Chinese food (non-Americanized), there was just a slew of immigrants who made a killing off of these mildly exotic dishes that were only inches away from being something we’d make anyway. Call them international foods and you’re a real winner. Problem is, we’ll look back at that time like we look back on mullets now. Either that, or we’ll claim that it was an actual thing called “ suì” and pretend it was okay.

Still, restaurants around the country will still humor you and make you some chop suey. Thankfully, a pretty great Chinese restaurant in the area, aptly named China Restaurant (they have Mapo Tofu, guys), still panders to some people by serving it.

2016-08-29 14.22.40

2016-08-29 14.22.57

Veggies galore! Carrots, onions, sprouts, string beans, water chestnuts…

Well we’re glad we made it through all of that.

Tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!


[FHCx238] National Banana Split Day/National Whiskey Sour Day



We don’t really get whiskey sour. Whiskey with a little bit of lemon and sugar just makes it taste more like whiskey. Eh. We were out to dinner with SParents at Pezzo and so we could give the rest of it to them!

2016-08-25 18.24.17.jpg

We did get to cleanse our palette with some stuff we love, though: ice cream! Ice cream summer never ends! Well, it kind of does pretty soon, but we’re in denial!

Invented in 1904, the banana split takes nature’s best fruit and pairs it with the best cold dessert. Here is the banana split AK made in its most beautiousness.

2016-08-25 15.26.32


2016-08-25 15.26.55


2016-08-25 15.28.19

Halo Top is great.

2016-08-25 15.33.09

Put the ice cream inside and cover in whipped cream

2016-08-25 15.33.19


2016-08-25 15.33.55

Some chopped pecans for fun.

We could probably eat these all day.

Tomorrow is National Cherry Popsicle Day!


[FHCx233] National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day/National Lemonade Day

Sweet tooth, ho!


SPAK aren’t particularly fond of sugary drinks. We’d much prefer to eat our calories. So we thought we would pay tribute to lemonade day by how we are most frequently exposed to it:

2016-08-20 11.15.16.jpg

That’s right. When you go for water at most fountains, it’s right under the lemonade. But since they share a spout, you have to kind of rinse out the tube before you start filling your water, or you get hilariously sugary lemony water. Not the most terrible, but not the most pleasant.

Chocolate Pecan Pie. If you made a list of foods that are so rich, they shouldn’t possibly be made richer, pecan pie would be somewhere in that list. Of course, you could always add chocolate to something and make it richer. But people were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

And since on chocolate pecan pie day we did not have the original homemade pecan pie of SPom’s family, she made us this wonderfully rich recipe from the New York Times.

2016-08-20 14.07.122016-08-20 14.09.24

It’s difficult to say how we feel about this one. It’s sweet and chocolatey, which is great, but when we want pecan pie, we want pecan pie. And this isn’t really the classic. So we’ll wait for Thanksgiving for SPom’s regular pecan pie and have this as a holdover in the meantime!

Tomorrow is National Spumoni Day!


[FHCx228] National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Meringue as high as you can get it!


Meringue is super tricky for SPAK, which is why we’d leave it to the experts. One of the best places for pie in the Twin Cities is the Hi-Lo Diner. If you’re in Minneapolis, and your head hasn’t been submerged in water for the last year, you’ve heard of Hi-Lo. It’s a transplanted diner from Pennsylvania and it’s really tasty.

For example: this burger with pulled pork, bacon wrapped onion ring, and sweet corn relish.

But the main event for us tonight was this lemon meringue.

The meringue to lemon ratio should be approximately 4 to 1 if you want the pie to be any fun.

Tomorrow is National Bratwurst Day and National Rum Day!


[FHCx154] National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day/National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Dinner and dessert!


Ice cream is one of the longest-standing difficulties of losing weight. Why make something so delicious and refreshing if it makes you fat? I mean, between ice cream and garlic bread, it’s like we’re doomed to failure. Ice cream is great, and you just have to make sure that you aren’t overeating.

As for the history of Rocky Road? From Dreyer’s:

“At the time of Rocky Road’s birth in 1929, almost all ice cream was made in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry – and was always served as sundaes. Dreyer added walnuts (later replaced with almonds) to his chocolate ice cream and, using his wife’s sewing shears, cut marshmallows into bite-sized pieces to make the first batch of Rocky Road. Dreyer and Edy picked a flavor name to give folks something to smile about in the face of the Great Depression.”

So there you have it! We celebrated with some Haagen-Dazs.

2016-06-02 15.53.352016-06-02 15.56.46

Nutty and marshmallowy and chocolatey and creamy. Love it.

Rotisserie Chicken is one of our dinner standbys. For whatever reason, getting a whole chicken seasoned and slow-cooked from a reputable and “high-end” grocery store is still less expensive than getting a handful wings from your local restaurant. We particularly like Lund’s & Byerly’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie. It’s fantastic and easy to eat. Pretty great meal for two!

2016-06-01 15.42.50.jpg

2016-06-02 18.05.34.jpgMmmmmm, chicken.

Tomorrow is National Donut Day, National Egg Day, and National Chocolate Macaroon Day!

As a forewarning – lots of bakeries will be celebrating national donut day. It will be crazy busy out there!


[FHCx89] National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

Phew, finding this one was a struggle!


We had a few issues trying to secure a slice of lemon chiffon cake. Neither of us were familiar with what made a cake specifically chiffon’d, so we had to look it up. The gist of it is that a chiffon cake is a combination of a batter-type cake and a foam/sponge-type cake. So wait, that will make it airy and fluffy, as well as moist and hearty? Count us in! But there’s more! According to wikipedia (which we all can trust, right?), “Chiffon cakes tend to be lower in saturated fat than butter cakes, potentially making them healthier than their butter-heavy counterparts.” Boom!

The next difficult part was finding a place that has a lemon chiffon cake. Everywhere we looked, there was lemon cake, chiffon cake, lemon chiffon pie… no LCC! What gives? Our first real lead was a local upstart cupcakery/cakery by the name of Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe. She makes a beautiful-sounding Lemon Chiffon Cupcake. And even though we didn’t get one of hers, we have to give this shout-out because in our attempt to contact her, she was very prompt and very sweet! Problem? She was out of town! I’m sure that someday we will definitely turn to Amy’s for some goods.

Our other lead was the Highland Cafe and Bakery. Though the cake isn’t listed on their site, someone made mention of it in a Yelp review, and one thing led to another. They confirmed for us that they had the cake and all we had to do was pick up a slice! And here it is:

2016-03-29 20.01.55.jpg

Exactly as the hype led us to believe. Dreamy creamy, still fluffy and slightly spongey, moist throughout. Awesome notes of citrus without being overpowering. Hooray!

Tomorrow is Turkey Neck Soup Day.