[FHCx352] National Maple Syrup Day


Someone had the grand idea of mining trees and eating tree goop. And then people decided that it worked really well on pastry-like breakfast foods. What could possibly go wrong?

We like maple syrup. SP probably more than AK, but we do like it. High sugar content and delicious flavor make for a good food, right? Even more of a fan than SPAK is SPom, who seeks out legit Grade B maple syrup. Wait, not Grade A? Isn’t A better than B?


Actually they’ve changed the demarcations and classifications of the grading of syrup. Used to be that Grade B just meant darker and bolder than the golden A. So to make it less confusing, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is now changing things up into 4 different kinds of Grade A syrup:

  • Grade A: Golden color with delicate taste
  • Grade A: Amber color and rich taste
  • Grade A: Dark color and robust taste
  • Grade A: Very dark and strong taste

Ok. That’s totally less confusing.


Tomorrow is National Roast Suckling Pig Day. Been waiting for that one for quite a while!