[FHCx117] National Pretzel Day

Tie yourself in knots for


Ok, we get it. Every holiday ever has some kind of bread product. At least, for those that happen to fall during Passover. We’ve got blueberry pie later in the week (the crust!) and shrimp scampi on Friday (noodles!) so we are in some pain. Thankfully, Osem came to the rescue with Kosher for Passover, Gluten-Free Pretzels.

2016-04-26 16.35.38.jpg

They have the texture of a Ritz cracker – not quite the crisp of Pretzels.

If we had our way, we would be celebrating today with the Bengal Barbecue’s Jalapeno Pretzel with some Banyan Sauce, as we mentioned on International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Soft pretzels are amazing, and those in particular top the charts on favorite pretzel of all time. All hail to Disneyland!

AK found this mix for “compost cookies” that we decided to make tonight. Though we won’t be able to eat them, SP will bring them in as treats for Administrative Professionals’ Day tomorrow. Those folks at SP‘s school make his life significantly easier, so he’s happy to bring them stuff on their appreciation day. So what is a compost cookie? Thanks to Milk Bar, we have a mix.

2016-04-26 21.03.43

Our ingredients!

2016-04-26 21.08.48

The flour mix and some butter.

2016-04-26 21.10.04

Add in the chocolate chips/butterscotch chips/graham cracker/oats packet of stuff.

2016-04-26 21.11.11

Throw in some crushed potato chips and crushed pretzels

2016-04-26 21.17.49

Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes

2016-04-26 21.28.40


Aw man. I guess we’ll hear about how they are tomorrow!

Speaking of which, in addition to Administrative Professionals’ Day, tomorrow is also Prime Rib Day.