[FHCx274] National Hot Mulled Cider Day/National Chewing Gum Day


“Chewing gum isn’t a food!” we hear you say. Well, neither are drinks. But here we are. Sometimes chewing gum can help with food. That minty feeling makes you feel like not eating any more, which can be a great help if you’re trying to stop overindulging on homemade pizza (literally us, tonight).

2016-09-30 18.49.41.jpg

We keep some of these around just for that reason.

But we also got to make ourselves a treat of some hot mulled cider as our Fall weather really starts to sink in. It’s easy to make, and it makes a lot.



Make a Hellraiser-style pincushion out of the orange using the cloves. Some people also use Star Anise but we didn’t this time.



The quality of the cider obviously affects the end result. Martinelli’s is champ.


Let it sit, covered, on super low heat, for a while.


Enjoy the warm fuzzies!

Tomorrow is National Homemade Cookies Day and World Vegetarian Day. I think that means we get to eat a vegetarian?


[FHCx63] National Cold Cuts Day/National Mulled Wine Day

What’s cooler than being cool?


SP‘s lunch at school is most frequently a packed lunch with a turkey sandwich. It’s nutritious and fills you up nicely. You’d think after doing that as many days as he has, he would never suggest something like having cold cuts at dinner. But he still does! And today celebrates that, because cold cuts sandwiches are the business. While some people still scream cancer about processed deli meats, we’re talking about the real deal here. Turkey cold cuts are definitely better than those of pork like mortadella. And fresh sliced roast beef and corned beef from a real deli make for delicious and nutritious sandwiches.

So here’s to mile high sandwiches with some low sodium chips and some of SPom’s legendary onion dip.

2016-03-03 17.33.23

Corned Beef from Cecil’s, Maple Honey Turkey and Roast Beef from Boar’s Head

2016-03-03 17.35.58

Today also celebrates mulled wine. It’s crazy enough to think that wine was invented. It was more than just “let’s just squash this fruit and wait a while,” obviously, but even that in itself is a strange idea. And to think that that happened millenia ago!

Well the first time in recorded history that “plain” wine just wasn’t good enough was when the Romans heated and spiced wine. Then that spread to the rest of Europe, and countries like the UK now want to claim it as their own invention. It doesn’t take a genius to look at an $8 bottle of wine and say, “I should make this better than it is.”

Today we used Ina Garten’s recipe for mulled wine. Like most of the alcohol-related holidays, we weren’t too excited. But just like Hot Buttered Rum Day, we were pleasantly surprised! Something about the mulling process took the bite of the wine, which is what we don’t really like, and so we were better able to appreciate the flavor of the wine. Tannins, right? Then again, your mulled wine is only as good as your ingredients. Sweet and deep, rich and interesting.

2016-03-03 16.54.19

The deep dark wine reflecting a light above it

2016-03-03 17.20.54

Whoops, did I forget to take a picture of a “full” cup?

Anyway, a satisfying food holiday!

Join us tomorrow for National Pound Cake Day!