[FHCx331] National Cake Day

It took us this long to just have cake.


Put a food word in front of cake and it sounds much more interesting. Corn cakes. Banana cakes. Spaghetti cakes, a.k.a. lasagna. Potato cakes. All good. Every single one.

But there’s one that stands above all, and that is the chocolate cake. Is there really anything more comforting, more delicious, or more gratifying than a slice of chocolate cake? They look good, they smell good, they feel good. Chocolate cake is life.

So even if today isn’t the anniversary of when you joined Reddit, you can still enjoy a beautiful chunk of whatever kind of cake you want.


This cake is chocolate AF.


Super Target’s bakery is really bringing it these days. Really tasty.

Tomorrow is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day!