[FHCx51] National Cherry Pie Day

Seasonal? Not really. That’s ok,


Pie is pretty universal. As our last foray into pieing went very well, we were happy to observe today’s food holiday with a slice. Today in particular is the day of the Cherry pie, a fruit pie that’s been celebrated in the USA for a long, long time. So long that they’ve warped the space-time continuum and made the official day for cherry pie outside of summertime when cherries are ready. This is the world we live in.

Our fancy for pie took us to Baker’s Square, a midwestern chain of pie restaurants. It’s the kind of place where older people flock for their 4:45pm dinner. But as it was/is a staple of the midwestern “diner” scene, SP frequented The Square many times in his youth. One summer, they offered all-you-can-eat pie for something like $7. When you do the math, you’d find that you’d have to consume 3 slices to make it worth your money. SP couldn’t even finish a third slice even when he was a youngster. There is an upper limit for pie when you’re dealing with this much decadence.

Anyway, cherry pie.

2016-02-20 11.55.00.jpg


Tomorrow is Sticky Bun day and boy-oh-boy is SP excited to take AK somewhere special!


SP: +2.2 pounds, total lost: 87.6

AK: 0.0 pounds, total lost: 25.8