[FHCx101] National Cinnamon Crescent Day

Don’t get yourself all twisted up!


Crescents, not croissants. We aren’t talking about the real French stuff. We’re talking Pillsbury Crescents. We downloaded the official Pillsbury Cinnamon Crescent recipe from their site.

We thought the process would’ve been:

  1. Lay out the triangles
  2. Spread on a little filling
  3. Roll ’em up
  4. Bake ’em

But instead it’s using two cans.

  1. Lay out one whole can of dough and smush the perforations away.
  2. Spread filling on top
  3. Lay out the other can as a rectangle on top of that.
  4. Cut 8 strips of the stacked dough-filling-dough
  5. Twist and coil
  6. Bake ’em

We can’t argue with the taste but it was needlessly complicated!

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Tomorrow is National Cheese Fondue Day.