[FHCx77] National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

Not our usual corned beef…


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a feast day for the saint made in the 17th century by the Catholic church. Like most things religious, the day has been twisted – especially in the United States. Now it stereotypes everything Irish, from¬†how 10% of Irish people have red hair (so anyone who has red hair must be Irish, right?!) to how Ireland is the 4th highest in the OECD region for alcohol consumption. Some jokester decided that today should also be a national (i.e., United States of America) food holiday¬†traditionally thought to be Irish, but some argue otherwise.

We made ours in the slow cooker!

2016-03-17 19.48.07

Carrots, potatoes, cabbage, 2.5 lbs of brisket, water, beer, spices

2016-03-17 19.52.02

It was good! Typically we associated corned beef with deli meats, so going for the slow cooked hunk o’ meat was a little different for us. Still, the vegetables were tender and tasty, and the brisket was choice. Good stuff.

Tomorrow is Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day and Sloppy Joe Day!