[FHCx11] Hot Toddy Day/Milk Day

WELL, it turns out Hot Toddies are kind of gross. In any case:


Recently it’s been hovering around -Nope°F here in the Twin Cities and, since we have both been having various otorhinolaryngological (gezundheit) ailments over the last few days, Hot Toddy Day seemed a welcome friend to us in our time of need. With a cute name like Toddy, who can resist? And it’s hot, too?!! Lemme at ’em!

Our research told us that we needed some water, bourbon, honey, lemon juice, and nutmeg. Luckily we have it all. (H/T to Mirror Lake Beeworks for our favorite local honey! What’s about to happen was not your fault!)

2016-01-11 11.58.38

If the measuring cup looks empty, it’s because the recipe called for very little water. Like a quarter cup.

SP likes whiskeys well enough, but you must have to either really like whiskey or be in it for the lemon in order to enjoy this thing. AK likes neither and is the less-ill of the two of us, so SP stepped up as the guinea pig. AK tried some, too, but her reaction was a lot less entertaining.

And there you have it. Groundbreaking journalism, right from the source.

Since today is also Milk Day, we drank some as a post-trauma comfort.

2016-01-11 12.03.21

 AK has a cookies ‘n’ cream milk-flavoring straw, just for fun.

Tomorrow is Curried Chicken Day/Marzipan Day, so it should be significantly less disgusting.

Have any favorite marzipan brands/sources/recipes? Please, let us know in the comments or via Facebook/Twitter!