[FHCx336] National Pie Day/National Eat a Red Apple Day

We don’t want to believe it but


Pie Day, PI DAY, was on March 14th. It’s not okay to claim this false idol. But we’ve come around to it, being that we don’t mind being asked to eat pie multiple times within a week (see Bavarian Cream and Lemon Cream in the last 4 days), let alone within a year. To give ourselves a bit of variety from the pies we’ve had recently, we got these little miniature pies from Target.



Cute, right? Shoulda used a quarter for scale…

Also, seriously, who bakes a pumpkin pie with a top crust? Old Fashioned does, we suppose…

Anyway, Eat a Red Apple Day was easy. There’s one of these inĀ SP‘s lunch every day of the year! Thank goodness for apples that can survive winter.

2016-12-01 12.02.10.jpg

Tomorrow is National Fritters Day!


[FHCx23] National Rhubarb Pie Day/National Pie Day


We were kind of reluctant to accept today as National Pie Day, what with Pi Day on March 14th. Apparently, the American Pie Council declared National Pie Day back in 1986 before Pi Day became a thing in 1988, so we had to concede.

But wait… pi has been a number since before there was ever any pie!

Solution: we’ll happily celebrate both.

Rhubarb is not the most popular of pies. If we ignore how sketchy this data is, it didn’t even make it onto this pie chart:


Poor Rhubarb. Always the bridesmaid.

It deserves a day to be celebrated.

Keys Cafe, a local chain diner-type place, was our choice this time around. After lunch and some shoppin’ with the SPamily, it was time for all of us to go indulge in some pie.

2016-01-23 13.30.26

The dame of the hour herself, Rhubarbra Piesand.

2016-01-23 13.30.16

Strawberry Rhubarb! Even though it’ll have its own celebration on June 9th, plain old Rhubarb needs a friend on its special day.

2016-01-23 13.32.42

Looks real good, but none of the grown men cried. (cherry pie)

2016-01-23 13.30.52

National Pie Day is a pretty good excuse to get some Banana Cream Pie in the mix. Sorry, Rhubarb.

There were some differences in opinion as to which of the rhubarbs was better. AK found the tartness to be a bit much compared to the (debatable) more-rounded flavor of the strawberry rhubarb, but SP and his brother SPam enjoyed both pretty equally. With the cherry and banana cream, there’s no real contest.


SP: -0.4 pounds, total lost: 87.8

AK: +0.6 pounds, total lost: 25.6

Tune in tomorrow for some peanut butter!