[FHCx60] National Surf and Turf Day

Happy leap day!


Apparently there is no real definition on surf and turf. So we took it upon ourselves on this lovely extra Monday to find ourselves something from the surf and something from the turf.

Our journey took us to a local favorite, Red Cow.

2016-02-29 19.35.20

Surf: Fish and Chips. Really tasty.

2016-02-29 19.22.43

Turf: The Royale. Pork belly, Brie, arugula, and tomato jam. One of our favorites.

It wasn’t quite steak ‘n lobster, but it was damn good! The burgers are amazing at Red Cow. Super juicy and cooked to that perfect slight-pink center. With the pork belly and jam mixing with the sweetness of the cheese it’s just… ugh. Awesome.

Tomorrow is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (not to be confused with National Peanut Butter Day) and National Fruit Compote Day!