[FHCx357] National Date Nut Bread Day

9 days left!


“Bread,” they call it. Because it rises in a loaf pan and has flour and water. But it’s much more like a banana bread. Basically, you love the taste of something, so why not turn it into a cake? Dates are naturally sweet and subtle, with a honey kind of flavor. Truly lovely.

AK went all over town today trying to buy some date nut bread somewhere, to no avail. Even Wuollet’s, Grand Ave’s terrific bakery, didn’t have any in today as they gear up for the holidays. So what do we do? Make it at home! Here’s our recipe.


Chop up some dates.


About a cup and a half’ll do.


Pour them into a pot of boiling water with some baking soda.


In the meantime, cream butter and sugar and all the other stuff.


Chopped pecans!


Add the flour in.


Put in the dates with their water in the mixture to make a batter.


Bake at 300F for a little over an hour.


So tasty. We’d happily make this one again! Add it to the repertoire!

Tomorrow is National Pfefferneuse Day!


[FHCx328] National Espresso Day/National Cashew Day/National Eat a Cranberry Day


A bunch of small things today for the food holidays… First up, espresso. The OED does permit “expresso” as a “spelling variant.” It’s got a higher concentration than coffee, and is some fancy Italian process because normal coffee wasn’t good enough. Then again, SPAK aren’t in with coffee like other people are, so we just bought a thing with espresso in the name.

2016-11-23 17.02.33.jpg

Tastes like coffee.

Coffee beans leads us to nuts. Last time we had cashews we went sweet. Cashews are pretty good plain, and are a plentiful snack to have around the house. Cashew is not a portmanteau of a Catholic Jew, by the way, in case there was any confusion. Anyway, the real treat is AK‘s favorite – dill pickle flavored cashews. She loooooves them.


Last up is the cranberry stuff. And while we did make some tasty cranberry relish for yesterday’s celebration, we wanted to do something different. SP found this beautiful cranberry sauce at Kowalski’s which is terrific on crackers. LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL REDDISH PURPLE!


AK doesn’t like cranberries as a general rule (or many berries) because of their tartness. The poor, sensitive girl. However, that does mean we have a bunch leftover to bring to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is National Turkey Day! …and National Sardines Day.


[FHCx296] National Nut Day

Sometimes you feel like a nut. 


Aside from being a couple of nuts ourselves, we had to make sure to ingest some as well. AKma was kind enough to secure for us a bag of cocoa roasted almonds while we stay at their place on this trip. 

Nuts are generally great for the quick boost of energy and helping you feel full. They’re a bit calorie dense so don’t go chomping for an hour at a time or you’ll regret it. 

AKpa also likes having cashews around for a treat.

Like little chocolate turds?

Tomorrow is National Boston Cream Pie Day. 


[FHCx248] National Macadamia Nut Day


Such a fun word, macadamia. Not like it’s latin or anything. It’s named after a guy, John Macadam. This Australian nut is a tasty addition to nut mixes and desserts alike. Just don’t feed it to dogs. It’s incredibly toxic! Thankfully, not for us.

2016-09-04 13.27.31

2016-09-04 13.29.07

Those cute little round guys are the macadamias.

Tomorrow is National Cheese Pizza Day!


[FHCx216] National Watermelon Day/National Grab Some Nuts Day


SP frequently has almonds with his lunch, as mentioned in previous posts. He’s also a math teacher, and so we’ve frequently thought about the best way to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of such a snack. What we ended up with was a great grab-and-go container of almonds, always at the ready in our pantry. Super helpful when you wanna grab some nuts!

2016-08-03 07.00.09.jpg

Weighed out to 20gm because why not.

Today also celebrates watermelon, which we are take-or-leave about. Some people really don’t like the texture but that isn’t what bothers us. The biggest downside of watermelons is that even the seedless ones have seeds. Why is that? Well, the watermelons that we eat are sterile, and the seeds are just seed coats, with no seed inside. That entirely defeats the purpose! I don’t care if my watermelon doesn’t propagate, I just don’t want to deal with gross crunchy seeds in my fruit.

P.S., the different between the white and the black seeds is merely age.

2016-08-03 21.38.102016-08-03 21.43.17

Still pretty fun to cut up and has a really awesome color to it.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!


[FHCx56] National Clam Chowder Day/National Chili Day/National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day

Ch ch ch


Oy that’s a mouthful. Don’t eat all of them at the same time. That would be gross. On days like today, we have a couple options: 1) Combine two or more food holidays into one by using some creative imagination, or 2) treat them all separately which may mean that some are not treated as especial. We opted this time for #2 (heh, #2) and tomorrow we’ll make up for it with an amazing feast!

First up – Clam Chowder. We know that recently we already celebrated National New England Clam Chowder Day, but the powers that be gave the “regular” clam chowder a day to itself. Probably for those of Manhattan who realized a month late, “Hey, wait a minute…” Our soup came in the form of a frozen food from Lund’s and Byerly’s.

2016-02-25 18.18.43

2016-02-25 18.27.29


It was pretty good. It’s kind of molten when you have to nuke it. But like most things from LnB’s, it’s tasty enough. We shared this one bowl, and put away half of it for a leftover snack some other time.

Next up! Chocolate Covered Nuts. You know how you walk through a grocery store and spot that giant section of bulk nuts? (Yes, I giggle as I type this.) Most of the time, I am completely unfazed by the section because I usually don’t have enough reason to buy a few pounds of pepitas. This time, we got ourselves some chocolate covered peanuts and almonds. Wait a second! Peanuts and almonds aren’t even technically (botanically) nuts?! This is bogus!

Well in a quick google search, it seems like NONE of the things that our parents told us were nuts were actually nuts. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, pine nuts… None of them are nuts!!! But they are considered “culinary nuts” and as our food blog is largely culinary, we accept almonds and peanuts as nuts for today.

2016-02-25 18.20.27

Here is an unrelated picture of some rabbit poop.

Lastly, there was a Chili Day to celebrate.

When we think chili, it’s one of two things: 1) Mom’s homemade chili – good lord – or 2) Fast Food chili. And when we think Fast Food chili, well… SP thinks Steak ‘n Shake while AK thinks Tommy’s (the chili burger that’s so messy that SP and his friends call it the diaper burger) or The Hat‘s chili cheese fries. But that’s beside the point. We both think Wendy’s. There are really no chain restaurant chilis in our current area (SnS was a St. Louis favorite and both Tommy’s and The Hat are Left Coast) that hit the spot like this rich and meaty treat. So after our Target run this evening, we stopped by our neighborhood Wendy’s to get some chili. AK got hers with a baked potato, and SP got his with a spicy chicken filet.

2016-02-25 20.04.41.jpg

Phew! Another 3-in-1 down.

Tomorrow is National Pistachio Day!


[FHCx33] National Heavenly Hash Day/Le Jour des Crêpes

The best laid plans…


First off, you get another peek at what’s happening at Candyland! Heavenly Hash is one of SP‘s favorite things to pick up at the local candy store, so we were happy to see this one on the schedule. We didn’t even have to look it up. Heavenly Hash has nothing to do with hash browns, but instead is a chocolate confection with marshmallows and nuts. TAKE A GANDER!

2016-02-02 16.26.56

Like little happy turds.

2016-02-02 16.27.44

The inside is all gooey and awesome

Crêpes should be considered a national treasure of France. French food really beats out a lot of other cuisines, but the crêpe has hidden magic that few realize. In 2013 SP had the opportunity to go to an amazing crêperie in Paris, La Crêperie de Josselin. It’s probably the best he has had or will ever have. Crêêêpes… mmm….

2013-07-04 13.43.13

Josselin’s savory buckwheat crêpe with bacon and stuff

2013-07-04 14.09.35

And a sweet crêpe with bananas and chocolate

If we could have just flown to France (you must be sensing a theme here) it would have been nice. But we’re in Minnesota. Now, thanks to a little bit of snow today, we were unable to follow through with our original plan to go to Magic Pan at MoA for some tasty savory and sweet crêpes. Instead of fighting through hours of traffic and possible death, we picked up some pre-made crêpes at the grocery store and folded ’em at home.

2016-02-02 19.46.41

SP’s – chocolate, chocolate syrup, bananas

2016-02-02 19.47.54

AK’s – same as SP’s but with a hidden layer of cream cheese, and a sprinkle of cinnamon

2016-02-02 19.48.53

Camera 1

2016-02-02 19.58.59

Camera 2

We won’t let a snowstorm get in the way of our Food Holiday Challenge! These crêpes really hit the spot and were super low in points. Definite do-again.

Tomorrow is Carrot Cake Day! WE CANNOT WAIT AAAAAGH