[FHCx270] National Pancake Lovers Day



For the first several years of his teaching career, SP had a particular morning routine. Breakfast had to be easy, tasty, filling but not too hefty, and fast to make. He used to regularly eat these Jimmy Dean French Toast Griddlers until the number of grocery stores that carried the item dwindled to zero. So what to do? Kodiak!

So now every week, SP cooks up some pancakes, puts a bunch in the freezer, and has them ready to microwave to warmth in the morning. He is most certainly a pancake lover. We love pancakes.


The mix!


Containers for pancakes!



Brefes is served.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Milk Day and National Corned Beef Hash Day!


[FHCx136] National Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate holidays are the best!


Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip banana bread, chocolate chip brownies and pancakes, and on and on. Where do these majesties come from? Awesome story.

In 1937, this woman named Ruth Graves Wakefield, proprietor of the Toll House Inn (see where we’re going with this?), added chunks of chocolate to cookies. The cookies completely blew up out of the stratosphere and in 1939 Nestle added her recipe to their chocolate’s packaging. What did Ruth get out of this? Money? No. A lifetime supply of chocolate. Oh the envy is enormous!

Except that the whole Nestle slave-trade puts a damper on that. Oh well.

We decided to make Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

2016-05-15 17.09.042016-05-15 17.17.08

2016-05-15 17.12.16

Kodiak now has a Dark Chocolate protein cake. Boom.

2016-05-15 17.40.22

2016-05-15 17.46.13


2016-05-15 17.57.27

Pile o’ Pancakes

They were super chocolatey and super good! Kodiak delivers again!

Tomorrow is National Coquilles St. Jacques Day. Yeah, one of those…


[FHCx115] National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Rolled tastiness.


For many of these food holidays, there is a moment of wonder when we can’t be sure how something came to be. I mean, yeah, we get deep dish pizza’s evolution and such. But how did someone get so tired of pancakes/crescents and sausage that they had to roll them up into one bite?

Since it’s currently Passover, and we mostly observe the no-leavened-bread thing, dealing with days that have a bread item as the main focus is difficult. But thanks to ingenious Jews, we have a pancake mix that is kosher for Passover. (Honestly, that’s something we can’t understand. It’s like vegetarian things that look and taste like meat. If the whole point was not to do that, why do we spend so much effort to get the real thing that’s not the real thing?)

2016-04-24 18.14.162016-04-24 18.14.212016-04-24 18.20.362016-04-24 18.20.44

Hooray! Rolled and eaten.

Tomorrow is Zucchini Bread day! Yeah. This one actually has “bread” in the name!


[FHCx40] Pancake Tuesday/National Bagels and Lox Day/National Pizza Day



Alright. So a lot of days are rolled up into one. And you’re probably asking how and why, and most especially “how did SPAK handle all this?” Well we’ll get to that second part in a bit. Why is this day so overloaded? Two words: MARDI. GRAS.

That’s right, everybody puts together their own take on how to get fat on Fat Tuesday. While everyone else will be giving stuff up for Lent, SPAK doesn’t observe such holidays. But we do have to observe the somewhat-unreasonable binge celebration of the day before the self-affliction… just without the self-affliction.

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Paczki Day, whatever you want to call it, is celebrated worldwide with a number of different variations. But pretty much all of them call on one specific thing: sweet, fried, doughy things. We decided to opt for the secondary name of the holiday, Pancake Tuesday, and made pancakes for breakfast!

2016-02-09 06.20.32

2016-02-09 06.27.17

Nothin’ like having an AK make breakfast for you on a busy morning.

We once again used the Kodiak mix from Blueberry Pancake Day to make sure that our morning was protein-fueled and under control calorie-wise. A really tasty breakfast!

The next challenge was putting together a dinner plan. How will the Jewish Bagels-n-Lox combat the Catholic Pancakes of our morn? And how do we get the Italians to weigh in?


2016-02-09 17.11.33

Bruegger’s Bagels (of course) with a bit of sauce, mozzarella, and some Hormel Turkey Pepperoni (an awesome item to keep around for nibbles!)

2016-02-09 17.15.57

Baked crispy and tasty. These bagels make awesome pizza bases.

2016-02-09 17.12.28

Nova Scotia Salmon Lox from Lund’s & Byerly’s and some Bruegger’s Light Plain cream cheese

2016-02-09 17.24.49

This is such a beautiful plate that I just can’t even.

Bruegger’s Bagels are some of the best that we have access to in the midwest. Unlike our fancy friends in NYC who have access to the real business all the time, we take our bagels as New York-style as we can. Throw on some shmear and lox and we’re a happy couple.

Frankly, today was awesome. We usually eat bagels twice a year: once on the Yom Kippur break-fast, and once on our family’s Memorial Day picnic. That really keeps us away from chomping too many carbs as bagels disappear quickly when in our presence. So getting to eat a bagel is treated very sacred. It was fun to put all of this together!

Tomorrow we’ll mellow out a bit and celebrate with some Cream Cheese Brownies!


[FHCx28] Blueberry Pancake Day

Not like we really needed an excuse to have breakfast for dinner, but hey,


We typically have eggy breakfasts, so this was a nice occasion to do it up a bit. There’s a Facebook group that we found through our Weight Watchers meeting and it’s proven to be a great resource for ideas on low-calorie/low-point foods. Recently somebody posted a tip about a brand of pancake mixes called Kodiak that is quite a bit lower in “cost” than your average mix. We found that it’s available at Target, so it became part of our blueberry pancake plan. Blueberry plancake!

2016-01-28 17.25.16

There are other varieties of Kodiak that are just about as low as this one, but protein is our friend.

2016-01-28 17.46.13

Mix the stuff (it’s a just-add-water mix), pan the cake, blue the berries, and there you have it:

2016-01-28 17.52.31.jpg

None of the others were this attractive.

AK did successfully try her hand at a pan-flip. You had to be there.

As many of you have undoubtedly seen, there are lots of step-by-step instructional recipe videos floating around the internet. One such video caught our attention as a good companion for our flappyjacks, so we gave it a go. Presenting: cauliflower hash browns!

Here’s the recipe we followed:

In the end, ours came out a little differently but still very yummy. We currently have one grater and it has really small holes, so the cauliflower shreds came out a lot tinier. We also unwittingly used up all our onion on dinner yesterday, so we used onion powder to try and make up for the flavor loss. Those things in combination with the heat on the frying pan probably being too high, each batch being a bit too big, and maybe not quite enough egg to keep it all together, it got reeeeeaaal crumbly. But it was delicious anyway.

2016-01-28 17.33.05.jpg

See how tiny? It was almost more like a powder.

2016-01-28 17.36.01.jpg

Egg ‘n’ stuff

2016-01-28 17.52.53

We swear it didn’t taste nearly as burnt as it looks!

2016-01-28 18.00.04

Throw in some Morningstar farms sausage and you’ve got yourself a kickass breakfast! FOR DINNER! Without going too nuts!

Tomorrow is Corn Chip Day, so we’ll try to keep it at least a little bit interesting. Seeya then!