[FHCx237] National Waffle Day/National Peach Pie Day


Today’s Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis


Pearls is one of SP‘s favorite comics, so he was delighted to get this comic via e-mail from SPom this morning. Waffles are great and they do deserve their own day. Not specific waffle types, but just waffles in general. Whether you eat Eggos on the run or you take the time to go somewhere tasty like Black Coffee & Waffle Bar, today is a day to sit back and enjoy the syrupy, battery goodness that is the waffle.

2016-08-24 07.31.37

SP bought this waffle maker for AK as a present. The mix is 2 cups of Kodiak mix and 2 cups of water. Easy peasy.

2016-08-24 07.39.55

It was dark when we took this picture because AK can’t handle bright lights in the morning.

As we found out the other day, peaches are in season! And of course that means peachy desserts. No, not Melba or Cobbler. Straight up pie.

2016-08-24 15.52.31.jpg

Courtesy of Baker’s Square

Tomorrow is National Banana Split Day and National Whiskey Sour Day!


[FHCx235] National Pecan Torte Day/National Eat a Peach Day

August didn’t feel like pecans before…


We recently had some chocolate pecan pie, which was great. And pecans (next to almonds) have been a favorite of those who put together the national food holidays: pecan day in April, pecan sandy day in June, pecan pie day in July… We’ll see them again when SP‘s birthday holds pecan cookie day.

But today is about the pecan torte. And just as we didn’t really know what constituted a torte when we had coconut torte day, we had to go with what people told us was a torte. And thankfully, that torte came from Surly Brew Co! Among their many other tasty foods, they have an excellent dessert menu.

2016-08-22 22.18.35.jpg

Chocolate cake made with Surly’s Damien beer, hazelnut chocolate, and salted caramel pastry cream, topped with pecans.

It’s a nice little dessert to share! Very chocolatey and salty and the little chocolate balls are fun.

It was also Eat a Peach Day! We aren’t exactly peach country up here in Minnesota. We got these beautiful Colorado peaches at HyVee.

2016-08-22 22.23.22.jpg

AK thinks that peaches are weird because they’re fuzzy. If that logic worked on other things, she probably shouldn’t like SP much either.

Tomorrow is National Sponge Cake Day!


[FHCx199] National Ice Cream Day/Sundae Sunday/National Peach Ice Cream Day



National Ice Cream Day/Sundae Sunday falls on the third Sunday in July (which is Ice Cream Month) and it just so happens that July 17th is also Peach Ice Cream Day. Sometimes these Xth-Zday-of-the-month line up well with our food holiday experience. This is a good example!

We recently had Strawberry Sundaes, which were great, and we are fans of pretty much any kind of ice cream. But let it be known that peach ice cream is significantly harder to find than strawberry. Maybe it’s because we live in Minnesota…

2016-07-17 20.10.55

Sorbet isn’t really ice cream. We did what we could.

2016-07-17 20.12.082016-07-17 20.13.572016-07-17 20.14.05


Tomorrow is National Caviar Day! Bleh!


[FHCx173] National Peaches and Cream Day

Sweet with sweet.


What a great way to open the door into summer with a summertime treat of peaches and cream. Many fruits have sweet match-ups. Chocolate and strawberries, apples and cinnamon, pumpkin and… nutmeg? Whatever. Peaches and cream is a jewel of the south, so we picked out the most Georgia Peach lookin’ peach we could find.

2016-06-19 19.40.32

2016-06-21 21.13.55

Slice it up.

2016-06-21 21.14.22

Mound of whipped cream. Boom!

A refreshing taste of summer! Go enjoy some.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Eclair Day and National Onion Rings Day!


[FHCx104] National Peach Cobbler Day

Cobble cobble


“You wanna find a place for peach cobbler?”

“I don’t really know any…” – google search intensifies – “Well I guess there’s Ted Cook’s.”

“If we’re already going out to eat at Revival, maybe we should just make it at home?”

“Sounds good. Let’s find a recipe… Let’s see… Sugar, flour, butter… I guess we just need some peaches.” – grocery store intensifies – “Ok, we’ve got the stuff. How do we make this thing?”

2016-04-13 20.39.01

“Well you melt butter in a pan, and then pour the sugar/flour/milk mixture in…”

2016-04-13 20.39.04

“Ah ok, we boil up some peaches with sugar.”

2016-04-13 20.41.07

“Okay, just take the picture from over my shoulder. I’m going to pour the peaches in.”

2016-04-13 20.41.22

“It says don’t stir it, so I guess we can’t. Well, sprinkle some cinnamon on top.”

2016-04-13 21.26.25

“375? Alright. 40 minutes?? Man…”

2016-04-13 21.28.58


“I like the crusty part better than the fruity part.”

“Oh, you mean the butter and sugar and flour? Well, yeah.”

“I wonder why this is called a cobbler.”

“I don’t think anyone really knows. But if we did this the right way, I think we were supposed to have ice cream on it. That’s what the Southerners do.”

“But we are Northerners!”

Tomorrow is National Pecan Day.


[FHCx13] National Peach Melba Day

Fruit is an amazing thing. So is ice cream. Let’s eat them together.


For those uninitiated, Peach Melba was a dessert made by French chef Auguste Escoffier to honor Nellie Melba, the Australian lady who can sing louder and higher than you. When you’re a famous French chef, and you’re supposed to come up with something to honor a famous Australian soprano, it better be good.

There seems to be no particular reason that January 13th is the special day dedicated to the food. Yet, Melba Toast day doesn’t come around until the end of March. Neither of those seem to coincide with any birthdays!

This sweet dessert had a pretty simple premise: poach some peaches in syrup, serve over ice cream with some raspberry sauce. But it’s French, so it takes considerably longer and is considerably more complicated!

2016-01-13 18.55.51

3 cups of water, 3.5 cups of sugar, some lemon juice, and a vanilla bean pod. Bring up to a boil and then down to a simmer.

2016-01-13 18.56.57

This “twig” represents an $8 investment in our Melba.

2016-01-13 19.01.20

Cut some peaches in half

2016-01-13 19.18.29

Make ’em take a baf (2 minutes on each side)

2016-01-13 19.26.55

Peel off the skin and let them cool for a while. Let that syrup really sink in.

2016-01-13 19.10.07

AK using her immersion blender to liquefy some raspberries with powdered sugar and a li’l lemon juice for the sauce.

2016-01-13 20.06.36

Some snazzy vanilla ice cream.

2016-01-13 20.04.43

Boom. Peach Melba.

2016-01-13 20.04.49

We were expecting it to taste like ice cream with peaches and raspberry in it, but it really blended well into a unique flavor palette. It’s sweet and vanilla-y, but not goopy and sticky, despite all of the sugar involved.

Watch out when it comes to picking an ice cream. Our Weight Watchers readers may have noticed that ice cream more than doubled in points with the recent changes. Look for ice creams with less saturated fat and sugar or, barring that, make sure to limit your servings! We each chose the latter by saving up a bit today for this treat and having a 1/2 cup scoop of ice cream. (AK even stopped eating spaghetti mid-bowl at dinner, which is literally the least likely action for her to have ever taken.) We did get to cut down on the sugar in the raspberry sauce – it’s mostly just blended raspberries!

Most importantly, you have to make and eat it while doing this:

2016-01-13 18.53.25

Overall, a really awesome kitchen experience. You owe it to yourself to try it sometime!

Tomorrow: Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. Jews, get your motors running.